Review: BlueStar Cookware

I was recently contacted by BlueStar asking if I would be willing to review their new cookware set. This came at a great time because I was in desperate need of new cookware so I eagerly agreed!

BlueStar is a maker of high quality ranges for the home.  They provide professional quality ranges in a variety of styles and colors so the home-cook can cook like a pro.   You can read more about their ranges at the following links:

I long to have a gas range again and seeing those fancy ranges makes the pining more intense!  You can even build your own custom range!

BlueStar recently created a stainless steel cookware set and added it to their product line. They sent me their 8 piece cookware set to test out.

Once it arrived, I got started right away using it!  This was my first time using stainless steel cookware and I was both nervous and excited to test it out.

I have used every piece, some a little more than others, and each piece of cookware is exceptional.

All of the pots and pans are heavy duty, meaning they actually have some heft to them.  Especially if they are full!  You’ll need both hands to move them around.  These aren’t light little pans, they are made for some serious use.

The cooking is even and the cookware heats up easily and quickly.

The skillets hold heat very well, much like how a cast iron skillet will hold heat.  With plenty of oil, nothing sticks to the pan.  The skillets also allow foods to develop a lovely brown crust to them enhancing their flavor! I’ve done meat and I’ve done potstickers, both were beautiful!

I love the handles on the pots and skillets.  They are long and they stay cool so you don’t have to worry about burning yourself once you remove it from the stovetop.  I did use potholders when moving the stock pot though because those handles are shorter and can get warm during cooking.

The skillets can also be put in the oven which makes cooking things like chops and steaks super easy.  Plus you can use them to keep things warm in the oven as well.

The 8 quart stock pot is the perfect size and happens to be the pot I’ve used the most.  I’ve done everything with this pot from making stock to popping popcorn to rendering lard.  It’s amazing!

My one critique of the cookware is that it would be lovely if the 2 quart sauce pot also came with an additional handle on the side like the 3 quart sauce pot.  Once full those sauce pots get heavy! It’s nice having that additional handle on the side to move the pot from stove to counter or even a different burner.

Cleaning them does take some elbow grease but they will come clean.  They don’t wipe clean as easily as a non-stick if that is what you’re used to so be prepared for scrubbing.  However I haven’t had any issues cleaning them and keeping them clean.

If you are in the market for some new cookware and are looking to upgrade to quality pieces, definitely give the BlueStar cookware some consideration.  It’s a high end product designed specifically for the serious home cook.


Disclaimer: BlueStar sent me the cookware in exchange for a review on my blog. I was not compensated in any other form and all opinions are my own.


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