Christmas Blahs

I’m having the hardest time with the holidays this year. I just can’t get into the spirit. Normally I’m singing holiday songs by October and jumping for joy because it’s my favorite time of year.

Not this year.

The holidays snuck up on me and I know people get annoyed when folks say, “Oh, how can it be XYZ already?!”, but well that’s how I feel.

Our rental house, while perfectly fine, isn’t really our style.  It also has a bit of an awkward layout that doesn’t really invite a lot of decorating.

I’ve also been so focused on our move, learning about our new city, and trying to meet others that I haven’t given the holidays a second thought.

Now Christmas is like two weeks away and the thought of buying gifts and doing holiday baking just makes me feel MEH.

I have no desire to do any of it.

Plus if I’m going to be completely honest, Christmas isn’t the same without this mush face around.

So if there’s a lack of holiday posts this year, that’s why.  I’m not really in the holiday spirit.  Scott and I have decided to just play things really low key this year.  Sure I’ll make us some treats and plan some kick-butt dinners.

But going all out?

Not happening.  Maybe next year.

5 thoughts on “Christmas Blahs

  1. Monica says:

    We are really missing Anna at Christmas time this year. We put her stocking up in a different place to more to remember her by. Her christmas pillow that says “I have been a really really good dog- just ask me” is under the tree. But we still miss her.
    Lots of changes in your world so it is normal to not be in full holiday mood. That is okay.

  2. Heidi G says:

    I know how you feel. I’m having trouble getting into the holiday spirit this year also. We have a lot going on, and with the added stress of Christmas stuff, I just feel overwhelmed. It’s so good that you’re being honest with yourself and not putting pressure to do the holidays all out. It’s fine to take a step (or several) back and just focus on being together.

  3. I’m having a hard time getting into the Christmas mood because it’s so warm here!!!! I don’t understand this mild weather Christmas! lol

    And I know I’ve been out of the blogging loop for a while, where did your pup go?

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