Tuesday Training: Challenge Started

Running at elevation has proved challenging for sure. I’m out of shape to begin with and I’m carrying some extra weight all of which make for a bad running recipe.

I can see progress and I am getting better but I still have to stop and walk a few times to catch my breath.

It’s not that I’m running too fast or trying to do too much.  It all comes down to the fact that running 4,000 feet above sea level is hard.

I’ll gladly take some tips or any advice that seasoned runners have on how to improve and get acclimated to the change.

Now for the plank and pushup challenge update!  I know that we just started this challenge but it’s Tuesday so even though it’s been a short period, we need to check in.


I can hold planks for a minute.  Today I was able to go a minute and 5 seconds which while small, is an improvement.  I’ll take it.  It is challenging, my middle starts to wobble and shake.  My lower back gets sore.

I’m not doing side planks during this challenge though you certainly can add those in if you want to change things up! Right now I’m focusing on regular planks and being able to strongly hold it.


I completed the test and can do 10 good form, regular pushups. I could probably do more but 10 is a great start and I’m happy with that.  This means I’m in Rank 2 and will be following that routine for the challenge.

I’m using 100 Pushups for the routine.

So how are you doing with your challenge this week?

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