On The Road: Freedom’s Edge Brewing, Cheyenne WY

Scott and I were determined to start traveling more. Our move out west means we’re within driving distance of a lot of new to us places.

We decided that we were going to travel more and start exploring a little more.

A few weekends ago we traveled up to Cheyenne, Wyoming.  It’s very close, about 30 minutes or less away from Fort Collins.  We had planned on visiting at some point and when Lori and her husband were driving through on their way to California, that ended up being our meeting point!

There really isn’t much to Cheyenne which kind of surprised me a bit.  I didn’t expect a bustling metropolis but I did expect something.

Thankfully one can always turn to beer on a road trip!

Scott and I are making it a point to try local breweries on road trips.  Cheyenne actually has two breweries and our favorite of the two was Freedom’s Edge Brewing Company.

We stopped by after dinner our first evening in town and had a lovely flight of their beer.

You could pick between 4 and 8 samples.  We went with four because the other beers were IPAs and not really our style.

From lightest to darkest we had:

  • Strawberry Blonde Ale
  • Wrangler Red Ale
  • Hop Scotch Ale
  • Midnight Ride Stout

The beers were just alright.  I think they’re on the right track though and with a little more brewing and experimenting they could make some solid beer.

It was refreshing to see a nice brew pub like this on the main strip.  The inside was gorgeous with lots of wood detailing.

It was right up my alley in terms of atmosphere.  When I go out for a beer, I don’t want flashing lights and loud music and servers who try too hard at being hip.  I want a relaxed environment where I can have a conversation without yelling.  I want to hang out, not be stressed out.

This definitely is my kind of place.  The wood features and low music provide a cozy and relaxing vibe.

If you’re passing through, stop in for a pint and hang out for a bit.

2 thoughts on “On The Road: Freedom’s Edge Brewing, Cheyenne WY

  1. Keith says:

    Great Blog about the brewery. They have gotten much better on their brews. The 1890 IPA is fantastic. They have also brought back the Wyoming Uncommon. It’s a play off of the California Common style beers. My friends and I love the place.

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