We Be Leaving

Scott and I officially start our journey towards Colorado tomorrow afternoon.

We’ll be on the road for several days and then once we get to Colorado we are going to start looking for housing.

I have some guest posts lined up for your enjoyment covering a variety of topics, including beer (hooray!)!

I would love to say that I’m going to update along the way but whenever I try to make plans like that they never work out how I expect.

So I’m just going to say for now, I will try to update while we’re on the road but there are no guarentees!

There will be a few ways you can stay updated during our travels.


Follow me at FoodEmbrace or you can follow the hashtag #OH2CO


FoodEmbrace (just do a search and you should find me) where you can see pics of our travels and most likely most of our eats along the way.

The trip is going to be long and the goal is to drive at least 8 hours each day.  The plan is to arrive in Colorado by the weekend but we’ll see how that goes.  Both of us get tired of being in the car after awhile so while some of the trip is “planned”, we are also just going to go with the flow.  We’ll get there at some point.

So we’re off and I’ll update when I can.  See you in the west!

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