On The Road: The Best Breakfast and Sandwiches

After Scott and I closed on our house, we were technically homeless.  We couldn’t leave for Colorado just yet because Scott had a business trip he had to take later in the week.  So we were kind of stuck.  Thanks to our friend, Bob, we had a place to stay which led to discovering a new place to eat before we left.

Even though this place is in Columbus, I’m still considering it as part of the “On The Road” series since we were technically on the road.

Scott and I love breakfast.  Love. It.  And if I can find a place that serves breakfast all day, I am a happy happy girl.

While browsing the Yelp iPhone app to see what was around our friend’s house, Scott came across The Best Breakfast and Sandwiches.  We decided to check it out.

It’s a little diner tucked into a very nondescript strip mall.  If you weren’t looking for it on purpose you would probably pass it by.

We walked in and were greeted with smiles and a sense of humor.  The diner is small and you have your choice of sitting at the counter or at a table.

Keep in mind that the tables are small and next to each other so the chances of you eventually introducing yourself and talking with your neighbors are high.

Scott and I immediately fell in love with this place.  The atmosphere, the food, and the people are excellent.

For the week and a half that we stayed with our friend, we probably ate there 6 times.  No joke, it was that good and since we knew we wouldn’t ever be back, we wanted to get our fill.

I had breakfast each time we were there and on one visit, even got a sandwich to take home for dinner later.

The breakfast is the best breakfast I’ve had while living in Columbus.  The potatoes are exactly how breakfast potatoes should be.  Large slices of soft potato fried up in some butter with peppers and onions.

I’ll let you in on a secret, I’m not a fan of hashbrowns. At all. So when I can get some actual breakfast potatoes with my eggs, I will be doing a happy dance in my seat.

The don’t skimp on portions either, scrambled eggs will take up half your plate.

They make their own bread and their own hot sauce.

The bread is sliced thick and you have the choice of white or whole grain.  It’s soft and has plenty of texture.  Biscuits are also homemade, flakey, and perfectly buttery.

If it’s your style, they also make their own corned beef which is used for the rueben and their corned beef hash.  We brought the rueben home for our friend and he loved it.

If you’re in the mood for some great breakfast definitely make the trip up to Westerville for The Best Breakfast and Sandwiches!

The current owners are looking to sell it and from talking with their daughter, the idea is that the new owners won’t change the menu or how the restaurant is run.  But don’t delay, get your butt up there for some eats!

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