Katie: Biking Tips For Beginners

Today we have Katie who is going to be sharing some biking tips for beginners!  If you’re considering adding biking in as a form of exercise, this post is for you!

Biking Tips For Beginners:

Hi! My name is Katie and I blog over at Katie Moves.

I’m so happy to be doing this post for Andrea as a fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador!

I am an avid biker and I wanted
to share with you some tips and pointers on starting to bike on the road. I’ve done
3 duathlons (run, bike, run) starting last fall and have been recently upping my bike
mileage this summer. I have really fallen in love with the feeling on the bike. You can
read more about my love for biking here. Without further ado- here are my tips on
getting on the bike!


Tip 1: Get/Use a bike that fits you.

A bike too big or too small is going to feel terrible!
Getting one that fits is going to benefit you so much. There are many options: hybrid
bikes, fitness bike, or a road bike. Go with what feels comfortable. A local bike
shop should be able to assist you with what type of style biking you are looking
to do. More recreational biking I would say go with a hybrid which is a normal
style bike you typically see or fitness bikes which are similar to road bikes but
have flat handlebars. They are also a good option if you want to be a bit speedier
because they’re lighter than a hybrid. Road bikes are what you will see during road
races and have the curving handlebars allowing you to use the “drops” to be more
aerodynamic. Great for triathlons and duathlons because they are speedy!


Road Bike:


Fitness bike:

Tip 2: Safety First:

Helmets are a MUST! Make sure you get one that’s up-to-date and that it fits
properly. Gloves can also come in handy and you should also check out a light that
may help to make you more visible on the road. I purchased a Nathan brand light
that I’ve clipped to my seat pack, but can also work on the back of your shirt. $8 to
keep me safe? Worth it!


Anything that makes your more visible will help to make you safer on the road.

Also, look up your state laws on biking. Technically bikes are required to follow the
same traffic rules as a car so that means stopping at stop signs, red lights…etc. Don’t
assume that cars see you, be aware of your surroundings. Hand signals are also
useful to communicate with cars. A RoadID is a great thing to have and you might
also want to carry your cellphone in a plastic baggy in case of emergency!


Tip 3: Look the part

Like I mentioned before, helmets are a must. Also, bike shorts, bike shorts, bike
shorts. They are going to help your comfort level so much while getting used to
your saddle. You may think you don’t need them, but trust me you don’t want to feel
the soreness after a long ride the next day. Gloves can help reduce the pressure of
your handlebars on your hands. Bike jerseys are a great option to wear while riding
because they have pockets in the back to hold any nutrition you may want to bring,
cell phone, or ID/Wallet. Look for great bike products at Nashbar.

Tip 4: Build your endurance

If you haven’t been biking in years…start out slow! Keep in mind how hard it
is on your legs!

Start out doing 20-30 minute rides 3-4 times a week. After this is
comfortable for you, start going out for longer periods of time. If you have a smart
phone you can download apps like Map My Ride or Strava that can help you find
bike routes around your home! It will also keep track of mileage and speed. It’s also
great to look for groups through a local bike shop that may go out together a couple
times a week.

I hope this helps any of you who are looking to get into biking. I love it because it’s an activity you can do for life! If you need any other bike tips, or fitness ideas, comecheck me out at Katie Moves and follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @KatieeAnd

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