Training Tuesday

I’m bringing back the posts where I talk about training and all my adventures (ups and downs) that go along with it.

Previously I would post updates on Sunday but I’m trying to steer clear of the computer during the weekends.  I don’t want to be tied up on a Sunday morning having to type up an entry when I could be watching Food TV and eating pancakes.  Or enjoying down time with Scott.  I know you all understand.  As a compromise I’m posting on Tuesdays instead so let’s get moving.

Last week was a great week!

I ran Monday through Thursday still sticking at the 2.5 mile point.  Friday I took the day off and slept in.  It was glorious!

Having a rest day is very important to me and I’ve picked Fridays.  I know some (most) people use Sunday as their rest day but I like having it at the end of the work week.  Feels more special that way.

Saturday I did Jillian’s No More Trouble Zones (T-Zones) which left me sore and stiff.  It was a much welcome feeling!

Sunday up early and ran another 2.5 miles.

I missed Muay Thai last week because we were wrapped up in doing stuff around the house.  Someone told me that they were going to come out and give me a quote for some work we needed done on Tuesday and they never showed up.  I waited around all day for them too!  Annoying!

We’re in the final push to finish a HUGE project here at home so I doubt I’ll make classes this week either.  Stinks but once this project is done we should be free and clear.

Regardless of that, it was a great week!

I’ve been logging my training on Run Keeper instead of Daily Mile.  Daily Mile is all social and I really wanted a place to log my training without anyone seeing it.  I wanted to keep a record just for myself.  Run Keeper you can either make your entries public or private or share with people you select.  It’s free and you can combine it with the iPhone app as well to log in routes and stuff.  Right now it’s perfect for me.

Goals for this week are to finally bump up the miles to three and see how that goes.  The 2.5s have been going really well!

How was your training last week?


2 thoughts on “Training Tuesday

  1. Still doing Insanity. I my muscles are really tired and I want to take a break but I don’t want to lose what I have done for the last 7 weeks. I might take tomorrow up and let my body just rest.
    Glad to see you back to running.

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