Off For A Few Days

Normally I add a picture of something completely appropriate and relating to the blog post however at the moment I’ve got nothing. Unless you’d like to see a lot of boxes and some empty gin bottles. So instead I’ll just show you a picture of a BLT that I had a few weeks ago.

It’s a lot nicer to look at!

We are in the final stages of wrapping up stuff here at the HQ and that means we are super busy.  Packing all day everyday.  Doing the same thing each day has me confused on what day it is because every day is the exact same.

I believe this is Tuesday but I can’t be completely sure.

The movers arrive on Friday to tag our stuff and then they come back on Saturday to load it up.  This means everything needs to be packed by Thursday.

Two days from now (I think).

So my friends I have to bow out of blogland for a few days so that I can focus on packing up the house and packing up our life here in Columbus.

I’ll be back to chat either Saturday or Sunday!

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