New Kicks

Summer running found me needing a new pair of kicks. I loved my Pearl Izumis however they did not breathe very much and for summer that wasn’t a good trait.

My feet ended up feeling like hot little bricks and it was slowing me down.  I was in the need for a new pair anyway so off to the running store I went  for a pair that would breathe a little better.

I tried on several and even found a pair of Sacounys that felt quiet lovely.

Then I tried on the Mizuno wave riders and they were a little more cushy so I went with them.

Could they be any more ridiculous? Scott was with me when I bought them and he said, “Oh so you’re really going with those, huh?”

My thinking is that at least morning drivers will most definitely see me coming towards them, because there is no way you can miss this babies.

They are comfy but in no way compare to the Pearl Izumis. Once the weather is cooler I’m going back to the Pearl Izumis STAT.

I still found running with socks on to be a bit stifling for my feet so lately I’ve been running with no socks.  I was initially worried about blisters but that thankfully, has not been an issue.

My feet still sweat a great deal and these shoes are soaked at the end of runs.  I’m wondering if I should put newspaper in them after runs to help dry them out?

Do any of you run without socks? How do you keep your shoes dry and smelling sweet? 

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