Homegrown BLT

One of my favorite things we had to eat over the weekend was this BLT.

Wednesday I was finally able to make it to the Farmer’s Market for the first time this season.  I know, I know so bad!

I hit up the Dublin Market in the new location (much better than the old location!) and snatched up some tomatoes super quick.

Tomatoes are what I look forward to every summer.  Well that and stone fruit comes in at a close second.

I was also able to get some local wheat bread at the market as well.

I made some homemade mayo for the first time this past weekend and just knew that it would be perfect for BLTs!

I do like red onion with my BLT and I added in some shredded carrot for a little extra veg but the concept was the same.

Local bread, local bacon, and some local tomatoes combined with homemade mayo made for a kickass sandwich.

The bread was perfectly soft and made for great sandwich bread.  It’s from Lucky Cat Bakery and uses coconut oil as part of the ingredients.

This sandwich made me silly happy.  I loved it so much we’re having a repeat for lunch today!

Did you have anything to eat this weekend that made you particularly happy?

2 thoughts on “Homegrown BLT

  1. Nicole says:

    Ha! We had BLTs yesterday for dinner, and while they weren’t sourced from local ingredients, they were delicious!

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