Cooking Across America: Country Comfort

As if moving across the country wasn’t exciting enough, I have even more exciting news.

Two of my recipes are going to be published in cookbook that comes out next month!  I was contacted by the author of the cookbook, Mary Elizabeth Roarke, asking if it would be alright if she used two of my recipes for an upcoming cookbook that she was working on.

Heck yes!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to have some of my recipes featured in a cookbook that you’ll be able to purchase from Amazon or in a bookstore.  I’m still kind of wrapping my head around the whole thing.

The title of the cookbook is called, Cooking Across America: Country Comfort

To give you an idea of what the cookbook is about, here’s a little snippet from the press release:

In the latest cookbook in the Country Comfort series, mother-daughter team Mary Elizabeth Roarke and Nicole Roarke, a chef instructor and Executive Chef, plate a feast of recipes representing the diverse regions of the United States.

Since I’m currently still in Ohio and was in Ohio when contacted by Mary Elizabeth, my recipes will be featured in the Midwest section of the book.

A shoutout to my IIN background, there are a few of my fellow IIN students who also have recipes getting published in the book:

Eve Lynn Kessner, HHC

Emily Segal

Andrea Garro, DPT, CHHC

Amber Robertson

Heather Pierce Giannone

You can expect the recipes to be healthy and flavorful!  Along with representing the different parts of the United States by highlighting that area’s culture.

I’m so excited and can’t wait until the book hits the shelves!  Amazon has it up for preorder already and the title will be released on August 14th!

3 thoughts on “Cooking Across America: Country Comfort

  1. Mary Elizabeth & Chef Nicole says:

    We love it and your recipes! Thanks for the healthy alternatives! I like to let people know they can healthy and it can be delicious too! Thanks again!

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