Coffee Reduction

For the past couple of months it was getting harder and harder for me to drink coffee.

I’m not quite sure why but I could barely get through one cup of coffee before I had to tap out.  I could tell it was too much caffeine and I had to stop.

Before I used to drink two cups in the morning, not because I needed it, but because it was a nice little treat.  Then all of the sudden my body just said no.  I’ll pass on the coffee thanks.

Scott on the other hand, needed it.  If he didn’t have it then he would get the horrible debilitating caffeine headaches.  So we had coffee each morning so Scott could get through his day.

Lately though, he also didn’t seem to want much coffee.  Last month he was on a business trip and away for a week.  His travel companions didn’t drink coffee and so there was none to be had in the rental house they were staying in.  He went out for coffee once and didn’t have coffee the rest of the trip.

No headaches either, which was pretty amazing.

He came home and we discussed giving up coffee.  The next morning we didn’t have any coffee.

It’s been a month now with no coffee and things are going well.  What amazes me the most is how much time and money we’re saving by not drinking coffee.

It would take Scott hours to get through two cups of coffee.  HOURS.  So that meant if we needed to run errands we had to wait until he finished his coffee which normally by that point was pushing towards lunch time.

Now?  We can get up, have a quick breakfast and go.  No waiting around!

Coffee is also expensive, well the good stuff is and that’s all anyone should be drinking.  We never purchased coffee out, always made it at home but still a pound of beans is close to $10 or more.  Buying a few pounds at a time is pricey.

Half and Half was also pricey.  We bought local and would buy 3, 1/2 gallons at a time (remember because I don’t go to the grocery store every week).  The cheapest I could find the half and half was at Whole Foods for just under $6 for one half gallon.  That adds up!

I’m kind of in love with not having coffee every morning.  I want it to be a treat, something special we have on Sunday mornings or perhaps while traveling.

I never thought coffee would be something we would give up but I’m really happy that we did.

Do you drink coffee? Do you need it or do you just like it?

7 thoughts on “Coffee Reduction

  1. Nicole says:

    I actually like the taste of (good) coffee. I’ve been off it (mostly) since January because the smell of it became one of my aversions. I can occasionally have a cup of the hot stuff, but now with the steamy weather, I want iced coffee. At home I can make decaf at least, and Starbucks now carries a decaf version in their stores. Coffee with caffeine is now a weekend treat, so I’m only having it once, maybe twice a week. I’ve even cut back on iced tea :( Just in case. I will indulge in a bottle of Avitae on the weekends if I need the extra lift.

    TWO HOURS? Lol. I’d blow through two cups in no time, but I think a lot of that depends on what you’re drinking out of. If I used a regular mug, it got cold quick. If I used one of our Bodum travel mugs, the stuff would stay hot for hours.

    I still make coffee just about every morning for the husband, but I’ve since switched to Foldgers (yeah, I know…) because he doesn’t care about the taste- he just wants the caffeine.

  2. MJM says:

    I’ve never needed coffee. If I’m at the office I’ll have a cup or five just because it gives me something to do (I don’t have much to do at work). If wife makes a pot at home I’ll pour a cup to be social. But when wife’s away and I’m not at the office I’ll never have a cup.

    Though if I’m in the Short North in the morning or early afternoon I’ll usually have a cup just because I like little cafes.

    But if I was stranded on an island tomorrow, coffee would be the last thing I missed.

  3. I have never had coffee. Never tried it but I do love my unsweet iced tea! I do take myself off of it to kick the caffine habit ever once in a while.

  4. I have a fairly low tolerance for caffeine, so coffee is just part of the weekend and travel routine for us, too. We make a moka pot on Saturdays and sometimes Sundays to enjoy leisurely. I love feeling like it’s a treat and not something I rely on.

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