Pepperoni Pimpin’

This week while Scott and I made a quick trip to Whole Foods, I got a hankering for some pepperoni.  I knew that I wanted some for pizza later this week and decided to start looking around for something that fit the bill.

I found some Applegate Pepperoni and decided to give it a try.  Ideally, yes, I would love some pastured raised pork pepperoni.  Realistically I have yet to find that.

This is as good as it gets at this point.

I have to say that the pepperoni isn’t that bad.  There’s less fat which makes it a little bit drier than typical pepperoni but not enough that it’s inedible.

I also love that it’s sandwich size and not the wee little round slices.

I cut some up and put it on the pizza!

Pizza this week was pretty simple with just a few toppings.  My main focus was on pepperoni so I didn’t want to overshadow that with other things.

The pepperoni cooked up great!  Nice and crispy with an intense pepperoni flavor.  Winner!  I would have no problems using this again for pizza.

Brace yourselves, I have some news about Pizza Thursday.

I may move it to Friday nights.  Eeep!

I know, it’s crazy!  We’ve been having Pizza Thursdays for years now.  The reason we had it on Thursdays was because that was the end of our week and the start of our weekend.  Fridays are my days off and they were also my day off from working out.

So pizza and a little wine on Thursdays was a nice treat and a lovely way to end the week. However Scott and I started doing CrossFit and we workout M-W-F, early in the mornings.

Having pizza on Thursday when we have to turn around and get up at 5am on Friday doesn’t seem like such a treat any more.

So we’re thinking of moving pizza night to Friday nights.  Not the same I know but life happens, things change, and sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

We’re still deciding what we’re going to do but Pizza Friday so far has lots of points in its favor.

4 thoughts on “Pepperoni Pimpin’

  1. Nicole says:

    I bought some Boar’s Head pepperoni but have yet to try it. I love all their other products, so I figure it will be good. I keep meaning to make pizza, but it never happens…even though there’s dough in the freezer.

    I now have a craving for banana peppers. :)

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