Derby Pie

I have loved horses ever since I was a very young kid. Loved them and had an obsession with them. I collected model horses and Barbie horses. I had horse calendars and yes I even had My Little Ponies. Those are hardly the same though but they were horses and so I wanted them.

Nevermind that I have zero experience with horses.  And nevermind that I’ve never even ridden a horse.

I wanted to be a jockey when I grew up.  My parents weren’t too supportive of that though, they said I was too tall.

I begged for a horse and to rent space at the local fair grounds to house it.  I was denied every time.

I watched the Derby growing up and would watch equestrian events like it was the most captivating show ever.

So this year instead of celebrating Cinco De Mayo we honored something else, The Kentucky Derby. Thinking back to childhood and recommitting to my dream of some day being around horses all the time.

I made a Derby pie this year thanks to see it on Rachel’s blog.  I did a few changes like used pecans instead of walnuts and chocolate chips instead of chunks.

I also used extra bourbon, brushing it on top as soon as the pie came out of the oven.  The bourbon crackled and got absorbed into the piping hot pie.

I’m not a pie fan at all but these kinds of pies I can get down with.

Chocolate, nuts, and booze?  Who wouldn’t love that?  If that means you, we might possibly need to reevaluate our friendship.

Later in the evening Scott had a bourbon drink to go along with the lovely Derby Pie.

Did you watch the Derby last weekend or did you enjoy tacos instead?

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