Grinding Meat At Home

We’ve been dabbling with the idea of grinding our own meat for burgers and homemade sausages.

I knew nothing about grinding meat and but luckily my friend Rachel had put on a class all about making sausage at home.

Scott and I went to the class and bought a grinder attachement for the stand mixer right away.

I’m still learning and this year I would like to explore this a little more.

The first thing we did was make burgers!

I forget what cut of meat I bought but I know it was a roast cut from Blues Creek.  I didn’t really know what cut to look for but threw caution to the wind.  I mean, no matter what I used I knew everything would work out.

I chilled the mixing bowl, and all of the parts to the grinder until they were super cold.

I cut up the roast and tossed it with a few spices and placed that in the freezer until it was cold and firm.

Then it was time for the grinder!

We got one good run through the grinder. We tried to put it through again for a finer grind but the meat kept getting caught up and stuck.

Probably related to the cut I picked, perhaps it had too much connective tissue in it?

Regardless the first grinding worked and we had ground beef ready for some patties!

I made some burgers, let them chill in the fridge until it was dinner time, and we enjoyed a nice night of grilling.

The burger was tasty and one of the better ones that we’ve made at home.

It’s still a big learning process for me but hopefully this year I’ll be able to gain more experience with it.


4 thoughts on “Grinding Meat At Home

  1. Juliana Pernik says:

    This is great! I’ve seen meat being ground before but didn’t realize there was a simple attachment for a standing mixer. The burger looks delicious too.

  2. Thanks for the link!

    Yesterday we ground some lamb and pork belly for Easter meatball appetizers. It is so handy to be able to grind our own mixes.

    Hmm….I wonder if the meat got too warm for that second round? Sometimes the smaller die is tricky and usually more chilling will help. I’m glad you enjoyed the burger anyways.

    • You’re welcome! That’s exactly what I think happened because we didn’t rechill the ground meat. Next time definitely not forgetting that step!

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