Honey Face Wash Update

I’ve had a couple people ask me about the Honey Face Wash Challenge and asking me to talk about why I stopped using it. I didn’t mention that I had stopped using it so it kind of surprised me that everyone thought that I had.

To catch up, you can read about the challenge here and my results here.

The truth is, I have stopped using honey to wash my face, so those that suspected are right!

I used the scrub method, honey + baking soda + wash cloth to wash my face when I was wearing makeup.  This was too rough on my face and so I eliminated the baking soda and only used honey + wash cloth on those occasions.

That was still very rough on my face.  Then I started using a scrub from Lush for the times I wore makeup and that was also too rough.  I don’t wear makeup often but it was enough that this routine caused me to breakout and for my skin to become really rough and irritated.

I switched to using only honey with no wash cloth and apple cider vinegar (ACV) mixed with water for a toner.  I thought this would help sooth the irritation and help clear up my face.

We were also dealing with a bunch of changes to our routine and lives at this time and I was stressed right out.  My face tends to explode when I’m stressed. Most annoying.

After weeks of using honey and ACV my skin wasn’t getting any better.  The irritation wasn’t clearing up nor were my breakouts.

I gave up and went back to my old routine in order to get my face to clear up.

It took a long time, months, before my face looked normal again.

I do not think honey was the problem in this case.  I now have learned that my face can’t tolerate scrubbing nor high amounts of ACV.  I need to dilute the ACV even more and also only use honey, no scrubs needed.  At least not that frequently.  With the little amount of makeup that I wear when I do put some on, the regular honey washing method works just fine to remove it.  And a toner will remove the rest.

I still use the Lush scrub, once a week and that helps.  It’s gentle enough to use once a week but I cannot use it more than that. The scrub I use is Angles on Bare Skin.  It’s amazing for a once-a-week treatment and a little goes a long way so one purchase lasts for months!

Will I go back to the honey? Yes, at some point I’m going to give it another shot.  I’m still researching natural cleansers (I need a liquid or soap style) so if you have any recommendations please pass them along!


9 thoughts on “Honey Face Wash Update

  1. vanessa says:

    Hey Andrea,
    I am also researching washing my face with honey and tried it for the first time last night. What I have read is that adding any abrasive to the honey for every day use is unnecessary and often not good for your skin. To take makeup off you can use any natural oil like olive, jojoba, coconut etc which I have been doing for a while and works incredibly well. Combining the two rituals might make for a perfect routine. At least that’s what I’m hoping for myself. If you do want a natural cleanser with many of the benefits of the other things you can check out bubble and bee. They make great cleansers although they don’t take eye makeup off which of course you can solve with some oil. Hope that helps!

    • Vanessa, Hi and thanks for stopping by! I only used an abrasive on the days I was wearing makeup but found that it wasn’t necessary, the honey worked just fine. Thanks for the recommendation on Bubble and Bee!

  2. While I haven’t tried yet, I intend to give the oil cleansing method a shot. You can google for information – I think I pinned a “recipe” from Crunchy Betty. I’m still doubtful about it, but it won’t hurt to try.

  3. xein says:

    Hi Andrea…do you mean to say that honey as facial wash and acv as toner didn’t work anymore?I have ACV at home and have used it last night as a toner because I am getting breakouts ever since we conceived…I am planning to buy a honey later not sure if I can find a raw honey here…and make it as a facial wash…do you think it’ll work?

    • Xein,

      For me it didn’t work any more but for you it might! I would definitely make sure to water down the ACV so you don’t sting or irritate your face. I definitely think it will be able to help you with your pregnancy acne (congrats to you though!). Give the honey you can get a shot and see how it goes. :)

  4. amanda says:

    Hey there. So use honey everyday. I put it in a pump bottle add a few drops of tea tree oil and some water give it a shake and away I go. My skin is glowing and soft. I love it. I also use witch hazel as a toner. My face has never been better. Just thought id drop a line and perhaps my routine will help some other gals out there. Good luck all

  5. Amands says:

    I also have really super sensitive skin I cannot use anything too harsh or any harsh scrubbing or I breakout so after a lot of experimenting I find that in the morning raw honey and water works well as a cleanser then I follow my normal morning routine in the evening to remove makeup I use olive oil then I rinse it off with warm water then I use raw honey and water to get the rest of the olive oil off my skin on occasion when I’m really having problem with my skin I use DR Bonners Castile soap and witch hazel as a toner these things have helped significantly.

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