Fluff and Froth

Last week and this week are pretty intense ones for Scott. He’s got a lot going on and because of that I have said that we need to chill out on the weekends.

Last weekend and this weekend, the home renos can take a backseat and instead we can hang out.  Unfortunately we did have to make a run to North Market on Saturday.

Normally not an issue but I forgot last weekend was The Arnold.  Lord what a mess downtown was!

On Sunday I pretty much demanded pancakes.  Two weekends in a row we’ve had bunk pancakes!  One was an attempt at trying to make waffles again only to have that fail.  I used the batter to make pancakes and it was not a fun time.  Oh they cooked, they just didn’t have much taste or fluff.

The following weekend was the buttermilk experiment which resulted in mediocre pancakes.

This weekend though, banana nut to the rescue! And they completely hit the spot!

We also tasted two new beers this weekend.  First up was Heavy Seas Letter of the Marque Dubbel.  Heavy Seas Letter of the Marque is a homebrew competition that they have and the winner gets to brew their beer with Heavy Seas Clipper Brewing. For 2011, the winner was a Dubbel Ale.  It was delicious!

Later in the weekend we tasted Brother Thelonious!

Abbey style ale.  This was a darker beer that was a touch sweet and had strong caramel notes to it.  I loved it!

We also gamed a little this weekend (Still Borderlands, second playthrough) and last night I made some skillet mac which I guess I forgot to take a picture of.  All said, it was a pretty great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Fluff and Froth

  1. We did not forget it was the Arnold weekend, but it’s so close to my birthday I never forget when it is. We also did not go to North Market, especially because of that, though they posted on facebook that there would be parking – HAH! We knew better.

    Have you tried Greek Yogurt in your pancakes? Ours came out pretty decently, though bananas and nuts would be great too!

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