Kale and BBQ

I had a Super Bowl snacks post all ready to be published and then the server hosting my blog crashed.

It apparently crashed hard because it was down for a couple of days.  My website and my email was out of commission.  If you emailed me and it bounced, I apologize.  Please resend it!

Clearly my blog is back up at this point and by now I don’t want to talk Super Bowl snacks because pizza is more important.

Scott fixed my oven this week and replaced the heating coil.  Looking at the old coil, the coating just didn’t burn off, the coil burnt right in half.

Yikes!  Check it out.

It seemed fitting that since this coil gave up the ghost as I was reheating pizza, that the new coil got broken in heating up pizza.

I have to say that this new coil is amazing.  It heated up my oven with the pizza stone to 425 in about 15 minutes.  Possibly shorter time frame as I was working on our half bath at the time.  It’s super hot and works so well!

Ok, so now pizza.  I totally copied Lori this week and made a Kale and BBQ sauce pizza.  I saw her version and I had everything on hand to make it.

This pizza had a cornmeal crust and if you remember my first try at making this style crust, I used cast iron to cook the pizzas.

This time, I followed my basic dough recipe and used 2C Unbleached AP Flour and 1C Cornmeal, this mix worked out well.  It rose beautifully and rolled out nicely.

I braised the kale earlier in the day in a little beer (Great Lakes Eliot Ness) and chicken stock.  Then I tossed it in a little apple cider vinegar and maple syrup.

I had some leftover Bourbon BBQ Sauce in the freezer and pulled that out for the base.

Topped with red onions, shredded carrot, and chopped up buffalo chicken sausage.  The cheese was shredded mozzarella and extra sharp cheddar.

It came out great! Totally fell in love with this pizza!  I kept the BBQ sauce layer light so that it wouldn’t over power the other flavors and it baked right into the crust.  Very flavorful and light.

I think some bacon or pulled pork would also make a great topping for this pizza.  If you haven’t made a cornmeal crust before I highly recommend you trying it!


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