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For years (and years and years) now, Scott and I have been taking a “big break” over the holidays.  Since we don’t really travel much and since we don’t take vacations during the year, we made the holidays a time for a break.

Starting right before Christmas and ending shortly after the New Year, we take off work.  That gives us plenty of time to regroup, get grounded, and just chill.

This worked out great for several years and then once we moved to Ohio that kind of changed.  We found ourselves with more commitments, more engagements, and with blooming businesses (and brands) for each of us, more time to need to be online and connected.

Not that we’re complaining about that, however, this year after Scott wrapped up his work week ( I finished mine earlier) and we chatted about our plans for break, we realized that we didn’t want to have any plans.

We wanted to take an actual “break” without commitments, without engagements, and without the need to be online.  So we unplugged for a bit.

I was able to stay offline and away from the computer, twitter, and email for 5 days.  In fact the only reason I got back online before my break was over was because I promised a Christmas recap post.

That time away was AMAZING and one of the best things I have done.

Instead of checking email first thing in the morning and all while having my breakfast, I read my book.

That quiet time in the morning was much more peaceful. I felt much more relaxed and calm.

Scott and I plugged-in in a different way over break.  We gamed.  Yes, we’re gamers and gaming actually helps us relax.  Plus since we play together, it’s a bonding experience and a relationship builder.  I realize that might sound odd but it’s true.  Along with being unplugged, we haven’t had a chance to seriously game in quite some time.

So we did just that.  We gamed all day, everyday of our break.  We played Borderlands, which I recommend if you’re looking for a great co-op game.  And we’re still not done with the game!

Now it’s back to a normal routine and back to being busy.

The next few months for us are going to be extremely busy and jam packed as we get ready to take on new changes.  Knowing that and knowing that this holiday break might be our only “down time” for an extended period, we relished in doing nothing.

For 2012, I hope to have more unplugged time.  I’m going to start small and shoot to be offline at least for one full day during the weekend. 

Do you unplug from the computer and online life? Do you think that you should, if you currently do not?

6 thoughts on “Unplugged Plugged In

  1. As I told you in email, I took nearly a two week break from the internet. I did check Facebook sporadically, but I didn’t read any blogs, didn’t update mine and didn’t waste hours on Pinterest. As a result, I got to catch up fully with the people I wanted to see. It was beautiful. Glad you enjoyed your break as well!

  2. Heidi says:

    Glad you enjoyed your break! I often stay away from the computer on weekends, except for occasionally checking Facebook.

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