Run January: Week 4

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Sunday, January 22nd:

It was super windy when I got up and instead of putting on my shoes, I changed into my painting clothes.  I got the first coat of primer up before I even had my morning coffee!

Two rooms and two coats of primer for each.  That took all day and completely wiped me out! I might not have run but I did get a lot accomplished and painting is most definitely an upper body workout!

Monday, January 23rd:

It was windy again and I turned on the coffee pot.  I couldn’t sit idle for long though and at lunch I headed out for a quick run.  It started raining and the wind was still blowing strong. Ugh!

I completely hate running in the wind AND rain.  However you gotta burn it to earn it, right? I was already dressed and already outside, so I might as well run.  I did 2.5 miles.

Tuesday, January 24th:

I had an early morning appointment so there was no morning run.  I considered running later in the day but the wind had picked up.  I’m over the wind! After having run in it already this week, I didn’t feel like doing it again.  Instead I did a weight routine and added in some extra ab work at the end.

Wednesday, January 25th:

Tuesday evening I started feeling like my body was going to crash.  My throat was sore, my eyes were itchy, and I kept sneezing.  All indications that I was on the edge of a light cold.  Because of that I decided to take it easy and only focus on painting.  Two coats in a spare bedroom.

Thursday, January 26th:

Rain, cold, and gloomy.  Yuck!  I did Jillian’s 6 Week Six Pack Level 2 for my workout today.  I wanted a bit of cardio and this workout delivers.  I like it because while it does focus on abs, it’s an all body workout.

Friday, January 27th:

I did nuttin’.  I’ve been feeling like I’ve been battling the beginnings of a cold all week.  One day I’ll feel lousy and the next I’ll feel fine.  Friday I was tired, both physically and sleepy feeling, so decided to just roll with it and chilled.  It was raining all day yesterday as well.  Bah! We’ve had so much stinking rain, our backyard is flooded out and there have been flood warnings all week.

Saturday, January 28th:

Run run! I got up early and it was warm out so I headed out for a run.  It started snowing while I was out, alternating between big fat flakes and small little bullets pelting me in the face.  It was hard to see most of the time because the snow was falling so hard but I didn’t care, the weather was finally calm enough that I could get out to run. Whoo!

My legs also felt very strong and I knew that I could have gone longer if I wanted to.  That makes me happy especially since I haven’t run since Monday.  Yikes!


Not the best week on the books in terms of running however I did get in some other workouts and didn’t completely slack off.  Bonus!  Here’s hoping that next week goes a little smoother.

2 thoughts on “Run January: Week 4

  1. Yikes, what a week. Good for you for getting out there and running most days, despite all the yucky weather and feeling under the weather yourself. Hoping this week is better in all respects!!

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