Run January: Week 2

Read about why this is Run January.

Here’s a recap of Week 1.

Sunday, January 8th:

4 miles this morning!  Whooo!  I was going into this run hoping to get 4 miles in but also realizing that maybe my legs wouldn’t be into it, so I would have to go with the flow.

My legs were a bit tired but not enough that I couldn’t complete 4 miles.  I felt strong during the run and like my legs are starting to get used to running again.  I was able to get through the 4 miles without issue.

Since my legs have been feeling a little tired and achey, I busted out my leg sleeves after this run.  Just to help ease with the achy feeling.  I haven’t seen them in ages either so it was nice to pull out my little purple lovelies.

Monday, January 9th:

Quick 2.5 run to start the week off right.  It was on the warmish side, pushing 30F to start.  I felt really strong during this run.  I kept the mileage short because I was coming off a longer run.

Tuesday, January 10th:

Another gorgeous morning! It was again pushing 30F to start and was great running weather.  Cranked out 3 miles with strong legs and breathing being more in tune.

Wednesday, January 11th:

It looked like rain but I wanted to head out to try and get something in before it started.  It was damp and even though it was close to 30F again, it felt a lot colder.  I was able to run a nice 4.5!  My legs were strong and the run was solid.  This is the most I’ve run since I tried running 5 miles two months ago.  At that time 5 miles was just too much and my hip screamed in pain for the rest of the day.

I dialed my running back a lot because I got really discouraged.  I remembered that I needed to bump my miles up slowly starting with .5 mile increments.  This was it, 4.5!  I felt great during the run and my hip didn’t bother me at all!  YaY!!

Thursday, January 12th:

It was pouring rain all day long so I took this as my “off” day.  Nice rest day!

Friday, January 13th:

Sadly I didn’t get out to run.  We were experiencing high winds all day long and there was no way I would have been able to run in that.  Instead I did some free weights work for lower and upper body.  Along with ab work at the end and 2 30second plank holds.

Saturday, January 14th:

2.5 miles in the snow and cold!  Whooo! My most favorite run of the week!  Okay, that 4.5er was pretty good but running in the snow is the best.  There was only a slight breeze and big fat fluffy flakes falling.  Scott ran with me and it was his first snow run.  YaY!


5 days of running this week but a total of 6 days working out.  Not bad!  I am definitely already starting to notice some changes but we can talk about that in my wrap-up post a little later.

Total miles: 16.5 miles

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