Project Organize: Donating Furniture And Knick-knacks

One of the many things that needed done around the house was to donate household items that we no longer use. This included furniture items like office chairs but also things like knick-knacks and decorations.

Small decorative household items can be a challenge to donate because some places aren’t interested in those things.

They have to go some where though and throwing them out seems wasteful to me.

Volunteers of America is a organization that will take used household items and that includes things like decorations and knick-knacks. They will also come and pick up those items from your house for free.

Which is perfect if you have a little hobbit car like us and can’t transport many things at one time.  It would have taken us several trips in order for us to get everything dropped off for donation.  With Volunteers, that wasn’t an issue any longer.  I called and scheduled a pickup appointment with them.

They arrived early in the morning and were able to take everything.

There are Volunteers of America locations all over the US, so give the website a look and find your local chapter.

Columbus locals, your chapter is here.

Also if you live in Columbus and have used furniture to donate, another local organization is Mid-Ohio Furniture Bank.  They will also come and pick stuff up for free!  Though there are a few restrictions, the items have to be certain things to qualify for free delivery.  However they take large items (beds, dressers) which is convenient because not many places do take that stuff.  Read about my experience with them.

If you have clothing and soft household items (like sheets, towels, and blankets), there are AmVets dropoff boxes located all over Columbus.

Please consider using these organizations for anything that you no longer need and would like to donate to a good cause. I will definitely be contacting Volunteers of American again soon because I still have more stuff to donate!

2 thoughts on “Project Organize: Donating Furniture And Knick-knacks

  1. Oh I love cleaning out stuff. We have 3 huge boxes of old holiday stuff (halloween, thanksgiving and Easter) to take this weekend and last night I cleaned out the fridge of expired condiments and the freezer of mystery stuff.
    I hate clutter.

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