Peel Away

Very busy weekend here at the HQ. On Saturday we tackled the task of putting away the Christmas decorations.  I also went through all of my decorations and started putting aside what I don’t want any longer or what I don’t use.

I’m find my decorations tastes are starting to change dramatically.  I don’t want cutesy snowmen and reindeer any longer.  I like glittery decorations mixed with a bit of mountain lodge thrown in.  Lots of pine and lots of sparkly things!

Now I just have to get some sparkly things because I don’t have any! Next year I suspect the holidays will be a bit different in look and feel around here.

Sunday morning after a lovely run and two cups of coffee, I headed to the kitchen to get started on some tasks.  I prepped the chicken for dinner, getting some lovely legs chilling in a beer brine.  I made stock, finally using the turkey bones from Thanksgiving (they were in the freezer).  I got about three quarts of stock made.

Then I made some breakfast for Scotty and I.  Sorry about the bad picture, I was hungry and this was the best one of the bunch.  We had scrambled eggs and on the side I made a quick veggie and orzo salad.

Accompanied by some flaky croissants.  Mmmm!

After breakfast and cleanup, it was time to tackle the bigger task waiting for us.  The laundry room!

The previous owners of this house were wallpaper happy.  Three rooms contained wallpaper and one room had border up.


We took down the border in the one room a few years ago.  And we stripped down all the wallpaper in our office around that same time.  The office took forever because it has high ceilings.  The previous owners had, we are assuming, a professional come in and put up the wallpaper because it was done very well.  Seams matched up perfectly, no bubbles, and it was on so tight it was difficult at first to determine if it was wallpaper or paint!

Now it’s time to take down the wallpaper in the other two rooms.  We started with the laundry room yesterday. With both of us working together we were able to knock out most of that room.  Only a few spots remain and I can tackle that myself this week.

Around 7ish, I called it a day and got dinner in the oven.

Mmmm chicken.  Beer brined chicken legs (same basic recipe, just swap out chops for legs) that I roasted in cast iron.

Along with some green beans and corn pudding.  Corn pudding was an experiment yesterday and came out exactly as I was hoping.  Whooo!

The evening ended with some chocolate and one of my favorite ales this winter, Harpoon’s Winter Ale.  YUM!

It wasn’t long before I collapsed on the couch.  Long day!

How was your weekend? Any tasks that you’re trying to take care of this new year?


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