Beer Affair

Starting this fall and picking up steam this winter, I’ve rediscovered my inner beer lover.

Now those that know me or have been reading this blog for any length of time will know that I have always enjoyed a great beer.  However, the past few years I’ve been picking wine over beer.

I would have beer on occasion but mostly preferred opening a bottle of wine.  A nice red to go with pizza or maybe a crisp white to go with some salmon.  All sounded good to me!

But this fall and then more heavily this winter, I’ve been reaching for a cold brew.

I’m at a point now where I would rather have a very tasty beer than a glass of wine.  I still have wine on occasion and almost always when we go out to dinner.  But I don’t have it nearly as much as I used to.

And since Scott and I have a favorite hangout, I love going out to get a pint and shoot the shit.  It’s one of my favorite things and something I look forward to very much.

I love tasting new beers (I’m still trying to find an IPA that isn’t quite so bitter) and finding different breweries.

Scott and I have a road trip planned for later this year and we’re currently trying to plot out breweries along the way.

Lately beer just seems more fun!

Tomorrow I’ll chat about some of our favorite seasonal ales we like this winter.

If you like beer, what’s your favorite style?

2 thoughts on “Beer Affair

  1. I’m still on the wine thing myself, but I need to discover some fulfilling beers as you have. There are some things that just require beer…Euchre, sporting events, and pizza night!

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