2012’s Word For The Year

There’s a blog I started reading based on the recommendation of a friend. It’s a blog by Elise Blaha and recently she reviewed her word for 2011, what that meant to her, and how that played out during her year.

She then talked about her word for 2012 and linked to this article to explain the process.

I immediately fell in love with this idea.

The concept is that you pick a word and you use that word to guide you through the year.  You can choose to focus on it each day or when you see fit.

It’s meant to help guide you through the year and to also help you refocus or regroup when you feel a little lost or overwhelmed by life.

It’s motivation through a word.  It’s a reminder of how you want to live this year.

I think we can all benefit from this type of guidance to help us navigate our way through a year of life.  Sometimes we get frustrated.  Sometimes we get sad.  Sometimes we feel a bit disconnected from things.  Sometimes we feel like the goals we’ve set are too high.  Sometimes we fail.

That’s life and that’s okay.  We shouldn’t let it discourage us and we should recognize it for what it is, a learning experience.

I know that I can easily get distracted by things and let myself stray from goals I want to achieve.  I also tend to become easily overwhelmed by situations and instead of dealing with them, I’ll just retreat and hope everything works out on its own.

This year I am not going to let that happen.  I have picked my word for 2012 to help guide me through the year.

My word is Explore.

By having a word to turn to when I start to feel like I’m floundering a little bit is going to be very helpful to me.  Explore covers a lot of areas.  It will remind me to check out different ways to doing things.  To look at things from other perspectives.

It will also be a reminder to get out of my comfort zone and try something new.  To embrace life fully and to always live in the moment.

For 2012, I will be exploring.

What will your word for 2012 be?

15 thoughts on “2012’s Word For The Year

  1. I think this is a perfect word for your 2012! I have fallen in love with this blog, and I’m so so thankful you sent it my way. My word for the year is “patience.” Lately, I feel as if I need a ton of it!

  2. I love Elise’s blog! And the idea of a word of the year is great. Rachel Wilkerson, another blogger I really like, also does that. I chose “invest” as my word of the year — invest in my health, my wardrobe/style, my time, and energy.

  3. Oh wow, I love your word! That is great one. That photo is awesome too! As you know, I’m using Chris Brogans My 3 Words method which is similar. Mine are Progress. Learn. Honor.

    I love these simple methods for focus. Even in this first week I keep coming back to my words to guide me.

  4. Heidi G says:

    I love this idea. My word for the year is persistence. 2012 will have many challenges for me, both personally and professionally. I am choosing this word to remind me that with persistence, I’ll reach my goals, overcome obstacles and weather the tough times. I just need to keep on keeping on. Thank you for the inspiration!

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