2011 International Blogger Cookie Exchange Roundup

Whew that’s quite the title! The day has arrived where we get a chance to look at all the lovely cookie recipes that were passed around for this year’s cookie exchange!

Please take a look at these links and have fun checking out all the cookies that everyone made!

Diana made Whiskey Molasses cookies, recipe by yours truly.

Rachel made pecan brittle bars.

Alyse made gingerbread cookies.

Jess made oatmeal cookies.

I made Italian Chocolate Meatball Cookies.

Also swing over to Lori’s site to see the rest of the roundup! She’s got a big list of recipes to share!

Thanks to everyone who participated this year! What fun to see all these cookies!

3 thoughts on “2011 International Blogger Cookie Exchange Roundup

  1. Thanks for organizing, Andrea! I loved the excuse to break out my cookie cutter and sprinkles collections, and it’s so fun to see what everyone else made!

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