Thanksgiving Tips and Tricks

As I mentioned before, I love Thanksgiving! I’ve discovered a few tips and tricks over the years that have made the big day run a little smoother.

You can prep and chop veggies ahead of time.  Sometimes this can be the task that takes us the longest! Getting all the carrots, onions, and celery chopped for all the dishes we’ll be making. By prepping them a couple days in advance, this saves us time on the big day.

Brine, brine, brine! Learn to love brining that bird! It is a great way to provide additional flavor along with ensuring the bird stays juicy and delicious.

Some dishes can be made ahead and the only thing you have to do on Thanksgiving is heat them up! Think about everything that you plan on making and decide which dishes you can make ahead.  Stuffing, sweet potato casserole, pies, green bean casserole are all things that can be made the day before.  Again this will save you lots of time on Thanksgiving day along with helping you keep your sanity.

Thanksgiving can get pricey, especially if you’re the one that’s hosting.  Keep yourself from going over budget with these tips on stretching out the drinks on the big day.

A few other things to keep in mind:

Keep it simple! Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t have to be a 15 course meal. A few items, some must-haves, and you are good to go.

Participation! If you’re feeding a crowd and they are expecting that 15 course meal, then ask them to chip in and help.  All of the responsibility shouldn’t fall on one person. Everyone can help and it makes the day much more intimate and special.

Love Leftovers! You don’t have to make turkey soup or your famous turkey surprise for the next week in order to use up leftovers.  Get creative and turn that turkey into something different! Check sites like Pinterest or Twitter for some great leftover inspiration!  Also check back here after Thanksgiving for some leftover suggestions!

Now that you’re prepared, you can relax on the big day!  And don’t forget to have someone else do the dishes!


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