Thanksgiving Countdown

It’s Thanksgiving week! We’re getting down to the wire and now is when all the big prep starts to take place. Today is my last “free” day, starting tomorrow I’ll be cooking each day all the way until Thanksgiving day.

After that I’m not cooking again until at least Saturday!

Maybe. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

This year I’m making my own stock.  I use a lot of chicken stock here at the HQ, however we do not eat enough meat for us to keep ourselves supplied with our own stock.  I’ve been saving up bones in my freezer so that I would eventually have enough to make stock.

I finally have enough! Whoo!

Here’s a run down of how I’m spending the week:


  • Work
  • School work


  • Pick up turkey
  • Make stock
  • Chop veggies
  • Get wine in fridge
  • Prep dinner for today and Wednesday
  • Make rolls


  • Make cranberry sauce
  • Make pie
  • Make stuffing
  • Peel and cube potatoes, get them soaking in salted water bath
  • Make coffee cake for breakfast on Thursday
  • Brine Turkey


  • Run
  • Cook turkey
  • Make mashed potatoes
  • Make Collards
  • Heat up stuffing
  • Make gravy
By planning everything out, it makes things run so much smoother! And Thanksgiving becomes stress free and I can relax and enjoy the meal.
If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving this week, are you hosting or going someplace? What’s your strategy for staying stress free?
Be sure to tune in tomorrow, because we’ll be talking about what kinds of beers to have with the big dinner! It’s a very detailed piece that you are going to love!

5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Countdown

  1. My poor destitute college daughter may have a chance to work on Thanksgiving, so I might have until Sunday to get my dinner together. I love making my own stock – so good for you! Lots of nice stuff, I love the Thanksgiving dinner time.

  2. My sister is hosting the annual food-fest. All I have to do is show up and provide a Penguin full of Sweet and Spicy Sweet Potatoes.

    Stress-free living is provided by the fact that I have a paycheck again rather than living on unemployment and savings.

  3. I’m hosting part of my family for the first time, then driving out of state for a second turkey day over the weekend. I have a detailed multi-day prep schedule that looks a lot like yours. Being a super type A planner, this keeps things stress-free – I would be an anxious mess otherwise!

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