Leftover Idea: Potato Pancakes

Growing up, we ate these all the time.  Almost every time we had mashed potatoes, my mom would make potato pancakes with the leftovers.  This was what I knew potato pancakes to be.

It wasn’t until I moved away to college in central PA that I learned most people call latkes potato pancakes.  Imagine my surprise when I ordered potato pancakes at a restaurant once and was served up latkes instead of what I know as potato pancakes.

No worries, I adore latkes because I will eat potato just about any way you want to serve it to me!

I honestly am not sure how my mom made her potato pancakes but this is how I do mine.

Amounts on ingredients will vary depending on how much leftover mashed potatoes you have.  If there’s a lot, you will probably need to up the flour and egg amounts.

Andrea’s Potato Pancakes

  • Leftover Mashed Potatoes
  • 3TBSP White Whole Wheat Flour
  • 1 Egg, beaten
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Olive Oil

Combine beaten egg, flour and mashed potatoes.  In a large skillet, heat about 2TBSP of olive oil over medium heat.  Scoop up some potato mixture and form into a small to medium sized patty.  Cover patty with breadcrumbs and gently lay into the skillet.  Repeat until you have used up all the potato mixture.

If you have a lot, consider cooking in two batches.

Cook potato pancake about two minutes on each side, until the breadcrumbs are crisp and the insides are warmed through.  Remove from heat and serve!

These are crispy, and if you’ve soaked your potatoes before mashing, they are light and fluffy.  Great as a side dish and you can also top with gravy if you want.

You probably should.

They can be kept warm in an oven and freeze very well.  When reheating, just place on a baking sheet and heat in a 375 degree oven until they are heated through.

Have fun guys, and remember, always play with your food! Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Leftover Idea: Potato Pancakes

  1. These were our breakfast for about a week after Thanksgiving! SO good. And latke season is right around the corner, too….bring on the potato love!

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