International Blogger Cookie Exchange 2011

Get excited all because it’s time to talk holidays! And we’re going to be talking about holiday cookies first!

My friend Lori, over at Fake Food Free has asked me to help her put on the International Blogger Cookie Exchange for this year!

Oh yes, it’s time to start planning our holiday cookies and holiday eats for the upcoming season. This is an extremely easy and low key event.  You will not be shipping cookies to someone, it’s a recipe exchange!

Here’s how it works:

Either let Lori or myself know by November 10th that you would like to participate, and you will be randomly paired with another blogger.

Each participant will create an original or an adapted holiday cookie recipe and send that recipe to the blogger that we’ve randomly selected for you. You must send that recipe via email by November 20th.

Once you receive a recipe we ask that you post about the recipe by December 11th. This means that you’ve created the cookie recipe and will be posting about the experience.

Lori and I will do a roundup of all the recipes so you know where all the cookies were baked and how all the cookies turned out.

We are aware that a few of you have dietary restrictions or allergies. When you receive a recipe you may alter it to fit your dietary needs, but please post the original as well. If you have any trouble altering a recipe feel free to contact Lori, at lori AT fakefoodfree dot com or Andrea at Andrea AT Foodembrace DOT com, for advice or suggestions.

The only guideline is that the recipe should be something you’d find on a holiday cookie plate, so anything from rugelach to alfajores to fudge squares to gingerbread men!

Just to recap, you’ll be doing three things:

  1. Send a recipe to another blogger.
  2. Make the recipe you get.
  3. Post the recipe and the cookies you made.

Important Dates:

Let us know you want to participate by November 10th.

Send your recipe to the blogger randomly selected for you by November 20th.

Post about the recipe you received from a fellow blogger by December 11th.

Doesn’t this sound like fun! It’s a great way to build up your cookie recipes and meet a fellow blogger!

Now let’s exchange some recipes!

10 thoughts on “International Blogger Cookie Exchange 2011

  1. Woo hoo, who doesn’t love the holidays as a good reason to eat cookies! I would love to take part in this cookie recipe exchange please :) Thank you.

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