Go Green

Lately I cannot get enough of greens. To be more specific, I don’t mean salads though I’ve been eating those as well. By greens, I mean kale, collards, and whatever else you decide to throw at me.

Okay maybe not dandelion.

Leafy greens and I have been best friends this fall and I see a long future for us this winter.

Earlier in the week Scott and I went out to dinner for restaurant week, and the place we picked happened to serve collard greens.  Guess who got a huge side of it as part of her meal?

I brought home the leftovers and when I was thinking about pizza for this week, I knew that I wanted to utilize the greens on my pizza.  I’ve used spinach on pizza plenty of times and I’ve also used kale, so why not collards?

I also wanted a very crispy thin crust as well.  Not my norm at all!  Greens and thin crust it was!

Following my regular pizza dough recipe, I used 2C of Unbleached AP flour and 1C of White Whole Wheat flour.  The crust turned out amazing this week and exactly what I was looking for!  Crispy and crunchy with plenty of chew.

The sauce was some canned fire roasted crushed tomatoes that I added garlic powder, smoked paprika, and chili powder to.  Since I was using greens, I wanted to stick with a more feisty southern inspired taste as opposed to traditional Italian.

I used my leftovers from dinner and I also thawed out some frozen chopped greens for extra kick.  Other toppings were:

  • Red Onion
  • Banana Peppers
  • Mushrooms (Scott’s side)

Cheese was shredded mozerella and shredded grass-fed pepperjack.  Cholula on top!

This pizza completely hit the spot and satisfied all of my cravings.  I’m pretty sure that I’m going to be using greens on pizza a lot more from now on.


8 thoughts on “Go Green

  1. Hey Andrea, I knew I recognized your website…you are Jess’s friend!!! I’ve peeked around here before. Nice to meet you!

    Sometimes you need pizza and nothing else will do! I’ve never put banana peppers on pizza but that sounds awesome. Ooo…or pepperoncinis =)

  2. I’m not a fan of frozen chopped greens – spinach, collards, etc so I use fresh most of the time, but veggies can go bad if not used. I dehydrated some Kale for kale chips – which I didn’t care for, so I broke them into kale flakes and I wonder if that would suit me better on pizza. I love adding kale flakes because they reconstitute and don’t add more liquid when they cook down. What do you think? Greens on pizza with chicken sound good to me.

  3. Emily says:

    Yum, that looks good!

    I got some kale salad at the co-op today that was delish; fried a couple eggs to go on top, and it was a perfect lunch.

    Latitude 41 has a side dish of spinach, walnuts and feta. I could eat it and nothing else.

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