Warm Hug

I pretty much wanted to do nothing all weekend. Sadly that wasn’t the case but I did get to do nothing on Sunday so that made up for Saturday.

The weather has been less than hospitable this past weekend.  It started on Friday with the wind.  Ugh.  Which continued all weekend long.  Sunday morning it was slightly breezy but by the afternoon it was back up to being super windy.

Today, it’s still pretty breezy outside.

Take note that Columbus is a pretty windy and breezy section of Ohio.  We have wind. A lot.

I’m not a huge fan of wind which is why I stayed hunkered down and cozied up.  Saturday was all work but Sunday was all nothing.

And to celebrate nothing, I made some of my favorite things.  Starting off with pancakes!

I did a little experiment with pancakes and added in an egg.  Normally I make vegan pancakes (bacon pancakes being the exception of course) because I have found that eggs and dairy are unnecessary for pancakes.  But Sunday I decided to toss an egg in there.


I wasted a perfectly good egg.  The only thing the egg did was give the pancake a deeper color as it cooked.  It did not add volume or change the taste at all in the pancake.  There was no different between this pancake and my pancakes without eggs.

I’m sticking with my vegan pancakes!

There was much lounging around and chatting with Scott all day long.  There may have been COG wars and Chainsaw bayonet action as well.

And because I wasn’t done being cozy, I made a super cozy dinner.

I also wasn’t done using my cast iron skillet.  I seriously need a bigger one because further skillet experiments and recipe creations cannot happen unless I have the proper tools.

All artists should be properly equipped, right?

I made some cornbread (also eggless, because eggs are unnecessary in baking as well!) in my cast iron skillet.  If you can believe it, this was my first time making cornbread this way!


The cornbread baked and soup simmered on the stove.  I made a veggie soup and tossed in everything I had on hand.

Those are my favorite kind of soups!

I also added in some ditalini because for such a blustery day, it was the right thing to do.

A hearty veggie soup and cornbread for Sunday Supper.  Perfection!

The night got even better because there was popcorn, wine, and The Great Pumpkin!

Sunday was amazing.

How was your weekend? Did you have lovely weather or crazy wind like us?

4 thoughts on “Warm Hug

  1. Nicole says:

    It’s been ‘Orcs Must Die’ over here lately, although starting tomorrow I think it’ll all be “Batman.” It’s that time of year when all the good games come out!

    I didn’t do anything productive other than hitting multiple farmers markets. And yesterday instead of working on my quilt (or any number of projects), I watched zombies. All.day.long.

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