The Blender

I just realized that I have not talked about THE Blender. If you remember my previous blender debacle, then you recall that I made the jump and purchased THE Blender.

This was a huge deal folks.

It took its sweet time getting to me and at first I was a little frustrated but when I read that Vitamix actually hand makes the blenders once they are ordered, I calmed down a bit.  There’s no store room (Unless you hit up their outlet) that has blenders waiting to be shipped.  All blenders are created once an order has been placed.

Interesting tid-bit, no?

I think it took about a week but THE Blender has arrived and has been in use pretty much daily.

I decided to go all in and purchase both the dry and the liquid blades.

First test run was making a smoothie and I was sold after that.  Completely smooth and fluffy smoothie.  It’s powerful and I have yet to even need to use it at high speed.  It breaks everything down nicely and I know that I wouldn’t be able to go back to another blender after this.

I’ve blended up soups and sauces in THE Blender as well and it has handled everything with ease.  So far it has done everything that I’ve asked it too.

I haven’t used the dry blade just yet but I do have plans for it.

Flours and sugars will be mine!  Oh yes!

I’ve also informed Scott that while we are traveling around next spring on vacation, THE Blender is coming with us.

What’s your blender story?

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