Deciding Our Travel Destination

Previously, I talked with you about the fact that Scott and I will be taking a vacation next spring.

Scott and I sat down and discussed what we wanted out of this trip.  In order to figure out where we wanted to go, we had to first decide what we were looking to get out of this trip.

We realized that we wanted access to plenty of outdoor activities.  We wanted to be able to hike on trails. I wanted to be able to run and see some gorgeous scenery while doing it.

We wanted to be in a location where we could walk to a fabulous downtown area.  Meaning, we wanted a great food and beer scene, that we could walk to.

We also want to see some mountains.  Living in Ohio for almost 8 years now, has left us craving some sort of scenery.  Columbus is pretty flat and unless you head south to Hocking Hills, there isn’t too much to look at around here.

And the biggest consideration of all.

This guy!

Rocky goes on all our trips with us so everything needs to be pet friendly.  Given that he’s also a senior (almost 11!), I’m even less inclined to leave him alone. He’s my first and foremost consideration.

So to sum up we want:

  • Outdoor lifestyle
  • Great food and beer
  • Walkability to shopping, food, and hiking
  • Pet Friendly

So where did we decide to go?  Any guesses?

We’re hitting the mountains in Colorado!

Neither of us have ever been there and from the research I’ve been doing, Boulder seems to fit all the criteria we’ve listed out.

It’s a big trip for sure, it will take us about two days to get there.

It’ll be the longest trip we’ve ever done.  Previously our longest road trip had been 8 hours, traveling up from North Carolina to Pennsylvania.

This is going to be a trip broken up into two 10 hour stretches.  It’s going to be challenging for sure but also an adventure.  Scott already said that he’s looking forward to the drive and being on the road.

Have you ever been to Colorado before? If you’ve got any experience there, I would love to talk with you about it!  If you know anyone who lives there, I would like to connect with them about the area.

Like I mentioned, I’ve been doing research like crazy and I love chatting with locals to get an idea of what the area is really like.  Plus to get recommendations for places to eat and sites to see!

12 thoughts on “Deciding Our Travel Destination

  1. Heidi G says:

    I love Colorado. I’ve only been there once — to Denver and Colorado Springs area. But my husband lived in Colorado Springs one summer. He loved it out there!

  2. I have family in Colorado! But Denver, not that area, and I generally spend all my short visits there doing family stuff, plus some nearby hikes. Better exploring of CO is definitely on my travel list!

    Although my cousin is currently in Boulder for school. She’s not 21 though. :)

    A blogger I follow,, used to live in Boulder and has some restaurant reviews on her site.

  3. Boulder is one of my favorite places in the universe! My brother lived in Colorado Springs for a year and when I visited him we went to various places. Boulder and the Garden of the Gods as well as Red Rocks were all amazing. It is an outdoorsman’s mecca, you are going to love it!

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