Operation Clean-Up

As I mentioned in a previous post, Scott and I are in full cleanout mode here.  It all started basically when I had a mini rant fest about all the crap we have in our house.

I am a very clean and organized person.  Everything needs to have a home and be put away properly.  For the most part my house reflects this.  At least the main floor.

The basement, garage, and upstairs are another issue entirely.  Because we’ve got the extra space, we never got rid of stuff that needed to be trashed.  We could put it in a room, shut the door and forget about it.  Until you had to go into that room.  That is when I would lose my mind a bit.  Every time I went into the garage, basement, or some of the rooms upstairs I would get really cranky.  I can’t live like this, and it was eating away at me.

When the weekend arrives, Scott and I are so tired from doing the million and one things we did during the week, that we don’t want to do anything on the weekend.  It’s not laziness as it is motivation.  Or desire.  I want to hang out more with my husband than I want to clean a room out.

But I couldn’t take it any longer and I finally put my foot down.  We had a long discussion about it and we decided that on the weekends we are going to fix up the house.  Clean out what needs cleaned out, paint what needs painted, and organize what needs organized.

Nothing major, we aren’t remodling or anything. Just taking care of business.

I am calling this Operation Clean-Up.

If you want to join this challenge with us, you are more than welcome! There’s no deadline and there’s no timeline. The only requirement is that you make the pledge to clean up or clean out something in your home that needs your attention.  You can share what you did and how you did it and I can post it on here for you!  Email me your story at: Andrea AT FoodEmbrace DOTcom

I apologize in advance friends, if I have to turn down weekend plans.  Right now, getting this house in order is super important and top priority.  We’ve been putting it off for too long and now it’s time to take action.

Coming up, our first task: dealing with old paint.


8 thoughts on “Operation Clean-Up

  1. Heidi says:

    I’m in! We have some areas of the house that have been neglected a little during our summer training season. Now that school is starting and we are cycling less, I’m focusing on getting rid of stuff we don’t need and getting it out of the house!

  2. I’m totally in. With the new ‘allergic to dust mites and dogs’ diagnosis, I have to get some of our fluff under control. We also want more space to do some projects and need to clear out the clutter to make it happen. I posted a list on the fridge to get us started because I love to cross off things as I complete them!

  3. Is that your casa!?!?!? ‘Cause it’s mighty cute! ;)

    And I’m just like you – everything is pretty good but oh man is my basement a disaster. It’s really not full of junk but it could use some organization!

    Confession? I was going to clean it myself but decided to have our cleaning lady instead. It must be ’cause she’s a mom but she works organization wonders. You should see what she did to my pantry! lol

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