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I have teamed up with Fit Approach and will be contributing articles to their website.

Fit Approach was created by a group of friends to talk about the many different aspects of living healthy.  They focus on the wide range of topics that wellness covers.

They also have started a “Sweat Pink” movement.  Sweat Pink is all about striving to do the best you can and basking in the afterglow of it all.

It’s pretty much girl power.

And while I am not a huge fan of pink, I am a fan of supporting women to be all that they can be and more.  I have a set of pink shoe laces to give out to whomever wants them.  They go to the first person who says they want ’em!

The laces are a little too long for my runners but I will be putting them on another pair of workout shoes that I have.

Please check out Fit Approach and follow them on twitter!

Check out my first article, all about dealing with an injury and how to make it positive!

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