Slow Sunday

I was hoping to get four runs in this week but it was not to be.

I woke up with a killer headache and running with a headache is not my idea of a great time.  The pounding of the pavement doesn’t do anything to improve the pounding in head so running was right out.

However it was amazing outside this morning.  Very cool and with some high breezes that I’m sure is a side effect of Ms. Irene.  It was so cool this morning that I had to put on long pants, the first time this season! And a light sweatshirt for a quick walk around the hood. Bonus, I got to wear my favorite running pants which are made by Adidas.  They are so comfortable!

Best picture I could get of them. Consider it “artsy and dramatic”.

I had to get outside since there was so much fall in the air.  Once I got out there though all I thought about was being home.  You know it’s a rest day when even as you’re working out, you don’t want to be and you’d rather be home.

I made quick work of my walk and then I picked up Rocks and made quick work of his walk as well.  Once home I got snugs in my jammies and had some fantastic coffee.

Working out, no matter you choice of exercise, is always a mental game. You have to gear up for it and sometimes you have to psych yourself out to get some things done.  However there are times when you need to chill and maybe the blahs you’re feeling is your body’s way of telling you it’s time for a break.

We need to honor that and listen.

Today I wasn’t feeling it. Even with the sun shining and the weather being cool and crisp, I wanted nothing more than to sit in my jammies with my coffee.

Taking a break doesn’t mean you’re slacking off or any less hardcore than you normally are.

It means you’re being smart and listening to what your body wants.

How was training for you this week?

5 thoughts on “Slow Sunday

  1. I don’t ‘train’ but I do spend a lot of time working outside. I totally agree that your body will tell you when its a rest day.

    But for once I had energy and excitement about being in the garden. I picked up pop, mowed the lawn, edged some beds, and fed the chicken. Later I will harvest veggies for dinner. Yum!

    • Rachel, because I have a dog, I know that you weren’t really picking up pop out of the backyard and meant something else. LOL! You got a lot done yesterday!

  2. Dan got home last Fri from a business trip and we planned to get up Sat for a long run. The alarm went off, then we just lay there trying to convince each other to get up. Ha! Turns out sleep won, we were just too tired to run. We did get up on Sun though and felt better after we made ourselves we got back. We were commenting on the cool air here too. It is so great even if you can’t get outside to run in it. Just sitting out with a cup of coffee is sometimes the best medicine.

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