Pizza Time

Hi gang! I realize it’s been a ridiculously long time since we’ve discussed pizza!  We’re still having pizza on Thursdays over here at the HQ, don’t worry about that.

We haven’t been playing around too much with toppings or variations.  Reflecting on that I realized that since we have so much going on here (lots of changes, revelations, and decisions to make) that we’ve been turning more to the familiar.  The comfortable.

Veggies and occasionally some sausage are the main staples of pizza this summer.

This week I almost split up the pizza and made two of them, a his and hers.  While Scott was in San Fran, I still made pizza for myself and even used the pizza stone!

It was easier with a smaller pizza and I thought that I might give that a shot this week.  However both of us were really hungry and I didn’t want to have to wait through two pizzas cooking before I could eat.


So I didn’t split them.  Maybe next time.

I made a quick and easy pizza sauce combining some canned tomatoes with fresh ingredients.  We also had:

  • Shredded Moz
  • Grated Parm
  • Shredded Carrot
  • Spinach
  • Banana Peppers
  • Chicken sausage
  • Canadian Bacon (Scott’s side)

We’ve even fallen out of our routine of watching Antiques while eating pizza.  Now we watch Conan or something else we’ve taped.  I don’t know why, maybe we really are just looking for a bit of change.

Did you have pizza this week?

For more pizza goodness, read about how my friend Rachel makes pizza at home.

6 thoughts on “Pizza Time

  1. Very nice use of veggies on your pizza! Looks beautiful and quite delicious. Love banana peppers on pizza, too. Yum!

    I make pizza just about every week. I just got done making a batch of sourdough pizza dough to have on hand this week for dinner. Also, I am excited to have found some dry cured spicy Calabrese sausage to use as a topping. Should be fun cooking!

    • Thanks Jean! We have pizza once a week too, on Thursdays. I need to start posting about them more. Jealous of your calabrese sausage! That will be amazing!

  2. This sounds like an awesome combo! One of our fave combos is banana peppers and pastured bacon.Adding in some spinach and like you have here would likely make it even better! You are the pizza queen!

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