Angry Hip

I saw my physical therapist last week for a check-in and general update. He gave me more exercises to do for the hip which are a bit taxing and cause my hip to be fatigued.

I now have so many exercises to do that I have to alternate days. One day I do ABC exercises and the next day I do XYZ exercises. It is nice to have a break from the same old routine.  However two exercises I have to do everyday and one of them I detest greatly.


I have to remember that it’s all to help heal the hip so I’m trying very hard to be patient and suck it up.

My therapist gave me the go-ahead to try running this past weekend.  If I ran, I had to alternate between running and walking.  The standard beginner running routine, run for a minute and then walking for two. Rinse, repeat.

I can be really bad at following directions and running for a minute did not appeal to me in the least.

Sorry therapist!

Instead I went out for a 1.5 loop around my ‘hood, walking the first mile and easily jogging the last .5 home.  My hip was tight and sore during that jog.  Not enough to impede my running or cause me to have to compensate for it, but enough that I felt it and knew it wasn’t 100%.

I was waiting to see how it would feel after the run though.  I lightly stretched it out and went about my business.  After about an hour or so after running, my hip started to hurt.

And then it really started to hurt.  Very sore and stiff to walk, especially sitting down and getting up, along with going up and down stairs.

I was so annoyed and frustrated and kind of angry.  I just had to wallow and stew in my own emotions for a while. I iced my hip for 15 minutes several hours post run.  I wasn’t sure if it would help or not but I needed to do something.

Early evening, around 5ish I noticed that my hip wasn’t as sore.  Still a little tight going up and down stairs, but I could get up and walk around just fine.  It only hurt if I stretched it out.

By the end of the night, I could go up and down stairs without a problem and it barely hurt at all.

This morning it’s a lot better.  Still tight feeling but not sore.

Is this due to icing it? Or am I making progress with the therapy?  Not sure but at least this seems like a sign of improvement and I’ll take it!

6 thoughts on “Angry Hip

  1. Glad it is better today! I bet it is a combo of it all. I truly believe icing helps a lot. I used to avoid it, but do it regularly now, even when things don’t necessarily hurt. My right foot & IT band/hamstring are repeat offenders, so if I run a couple days in a row or higher miles, I will ice as a preventative measure. Or, a new ache or pain pops up after running and I ice right away. May be overboard, but it works for me.


    • Kim, I’m the same way. Icing is just a pain plus it’s another thing I have to do. I don’t like having to do anything. Ha! I have follow up tomorrow so I’ll see what J says to do.

  2. It sounds like it’s beginning to heal or at least recover more quickly so that is definitely good news! I know it has to be so frustrating to hold back. Hang in there!

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