2011 Taste of Hilliard

Last week was the second annual Taste Of Hilliard event. Local restaurants and businesses who are members of the Chamber of Commerce gather together at the Makoy Center for an evening of nibbles and chatting.

The great thing about The Taste of Hilliard is that it doesn’t just focus on food but also showcases local businesses as well so that community members get a chance to see exactly what their town has to offer.

You would be surprised by how many businesses are local to Hilliard and the wide variety of services that are offered.

I didn’t stay too long at the event because it was getting packed and fast.  The event started at 4:30 and I got there around that time.  My plan was to get there early to be able to take plenty of pictures without being in anyone’s way.

Best laid plans right? I arrived to a very packed parking lot.  I was kind of surprised actually that it was so packed so early.  People had to park far away and walk to the event, that’s how many people were there at the start.

Which is fantastic news! That means that the word is getting out and more people are attending the event.  Win win!

There were many restaurants there with samples of their food, I’m only highlighting a few.

First up is The Heritage Golf Club, they had the creme brulee pictured first and also this little crab cake.  There was a tartar style sauce on top but I’m not sure what the sauce on the bottom was.  It was quite tasty though and was going fast once people heard there were crab cakes.  I didn’t try the brulee, but if Scott had been with me I know he would have tried some for sure.

Cupcake Yum Yum was there showing off their gorgeous little two-bite cupcakes.  I don’t remember the flavors of the cupcakes, however I do know that one featured bacon.

These little nuggets can be found at Kitamu Coffee or you can place an order directly.

Be forewarned that the site has music that starts playing.

Speaking of Kitamu, they were there as well sampling their coffee and offering up some cookies.

Last up was Olive Tree Mediterranean Cafe. They had fresh pitas to go along side their chicken and hummus dish.  The chicken was marinaded in spices and then sauteed up with onions and peppers.  This dish was fantastic.

Olive Tree has also announced that they are starting to serve Sunday Breakfast now as well.

Olive Tree and Kitamu are in the same shopping center so you can grab yourself some coffee after having your meal.

The event was a huge success and rumor has it that the number of folks who attended this year was very high.

Attending a taste like this in your town or a neighboring town helps you learn more about what your area has to offer.  Plus it exposes you to new items you might not otherwise have tried.  If you have an event like this around where you live, I highly encourage you to attend!

Congrats to The Hilliard Chamber of Commerce for putting on a great event!

6 thoughts on “2011 Taste of Hilliard

  1. Libby says:

    Thank you so much for coming to the event! There were over 1000 people who attended, up 300 from last year. Looking forward to 2012!

  2. That chicken hummus dish looks so good! Sounds like a great event. I went to our Taste of the Bluegrass last year and the food was so good, but it was packed within about 30 min of opening. Like, bad packed, shoulder to shoulder. It’s for a great cause, but when I realized I couldn’t ge there early this year, I decided it was best to skip. The real issue is that they need to use a bigger space. Regardless of that experience though, I love local Taste ofs.

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