Welcome to Food Embrace

Hi everyone and welcome to Food Embrace!  I’m still in the process of getting everything straightened out and doing major housecleaning with the site.  Please know, this is not the site’s final look.  It’s just temporary and site design will be a constant work in progress.  I wanted to get it up and running because I was anxious to get started with this new phase of blogging and career. Plus I missed blogging! It was like a hole in my life developed and it was leaving me a tad cranky.

Sorry Scott!

If you are reading via a reader, check in on occasion to see the changes to the website.Currently there are some new things to check out!

If you are looking for something that was posted on Off Her Cork, it should be on here already. You can do a search and should be able to find what you need.

I have a brand new Facebook page because I wasn’t able to switch the OHC page.  If you’re on FB, I would love it if you liked my page!

Also my twitter handle has changed to Food Embrace as well.  Feel free to follow me if you’re not already!

I look forward to starting this brand new journey with you!

I’ve been on break a while which means we have a bunch to chat about and get caught up on!

12 thoughts on “Welcome to Food Embrace

  1. Congrats on your new site and new name! It looks amazing! I know it took a ton of hard work and many, many, MANY hours to launch…kudos to you!

    I love the name as well…very chic! :)

  2. Good Luck with the transition, the new name, the new attitude. Looks great – now if only I could remember the new name. I keep struggling with that one.

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