Saturday Six

A picture of a blue sunny sky, not something we’ve seen much of around here lately.  The temps have dropped and it’s very overcast and breezy.  I would like summer back please!

Everybody does a “Friday Five” post but I decided to start doing a Saturday Six every so often.  Just six things that I’ve come across recently that I’ve found interesting and maybe you will too!

1. Fooducate had a great article recently on meat-labels and how to interpret them when shopping at the grocery store.

2. An article on the point of homestyle cooking and why, no matter how tasty that restaurant food is, it will always be better than dining out.

3. Is there such a thing as learning how to be a successful food blogger? This article discusses food blogging’s popularity.

4. Professional athletes finally realizing the importance of feeding and fueling the body with better foods.

5. NYT article on plants and how they react to their environment. Findings may surprise you.

6. Video of a middle school science experiment about sweet potatoes. Which potato would you want to eat? I know which one I would pick!

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