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I’ve spoken with my chiropractor and have had three sessions at this point.  My back is in really good shape and my hips are in good shape as well.  There’s one spot on my upper back that needs some work but that isn’t related to my hip issues. Go figure!

I still really don’t know what’s wrong with my right hip. Last week while I was out walking, I ran about a mile back home.  Nothing too hard, I took things really nice and easy.

My hip hurt a great deal after that run.  By that point it had been three weeks since I ran.

Three weeks with no running.

And then a mile run put me in pain.

I am not a happy camper right now.

I think it’s time to go to my sports doc and get his take on the situation.  If I can’t even run a mile without being in pain the rest of the day, clearly this is a problem.

In the meantime I’ve been walking around the neighborhood, around 2.5 miles.  Not very far because walking takes a long time! This distance walking takes me close to 40 minutes so going any further in the mornings isn’t really happening.  I’ve also been doing a few weight sessions during the week as well.

Depending on how the hip progresses, I might have to start considering gym membership options to try and get some other types of workouts in.

Do you belong to a gym? Do you like it?

6 thoughts on “More ammo

  1. Nicole says:

    LOL, I wish I could say if I liked my gym, but I haven’t been in FOREVER. I belong to the Urban Active @ Polaris, but I rarely go. I also have an unlimited guest pass, but no one ever wants to go! Too bad you don’t live closer! My workouts lately have been sporadic and consist mainly of hip-hop classes. I keep “meaning” to incorporate more strength training and get out on my bike.

    I found with my back/hip troubles that spin class/biking was a good option for a workout because it didn’t aggravate my pain.

  2. I used to be a huge gym rat because I worked in them for years, but in the past 5 or so I’ve gotten away from regular visits. Fortunately for me, I was able to buy passes in bulk that don’t expire at the rec center by work. So I can use them anytime I want to supplement my running in case I want to use a machine or the weather is bad for running outside. It’s a nice back up plan and I don’t feel the pressure to go all the time as with a monthly fee. It works out to be cheaper too.

    My first thought would be to consider what you would want to do at the gym and talk to your doc or a trainer about it. Some of the machines may be more stressful on your hip than running. I’m thinking elliptical or spinning here, or they might be great for it. At the very least I’d use a week’s trial and see what there is there you could do while the hip is healing. I hope it heals quickly for you. I know it has to be frustrating!

  3. I hope things get better soon!

    I wish we had a gym membership – I like a lot of the classes, but we just don’t have one that’s convenient for us.

  4. Another Urban Active member. I like it, but I get tired of the BS and broken down equipment and not opening on time. However, I got a great deal, they have a pool and they are less than 5 min from my house. Hope Dr. B gives you some answers.


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