Grilling and Chilling

Hi pretties! How was everyone’s weekend?  Was it like mine and it flew by way too quickly?  I couldn’t even tell you what we did on Saturday, that’s how fast the day went.  Yesterday was full of work, food prep for dinner and the week ahead, and then relaxing on the couch for a bit.

You should know that I love my couch and if you’ve ever had the chance to sit on it then you know why.  So squishy!

This is the first installment of Homespun Sunday on Food Embrace! Exciting! For just a brief review, Homespun Sunday is a day during the week where the goal is to eat every meal at home and to have it be something that is made from real foods.  No processed foods allowed! Real whole foods! You can read more about it here.

I took the chance to sleep in and while I still got up relatively early, it still qualified as sleeping in.  I was a bit hungry when I got up so I had a Sunrise Cookie topped with coconut butter.  YUM!  I only had one cookie to help tide me over till Sunday breakfast.

I did some school work listening to a two hour lecture but still didn’t get a chance to finish the week’s classes.  I have to catch up! I also got a chicken prepped and into a brine for dinner later.  By this point Scotty was up and it was time to get a move on breakfast.

No pancakes this week, good ‘ole eggs!  Local eggs scrambled and topped with hot sauce.  Cholula represent! I found a new to me local bread at the store the other day and breakfast was the perfect time to toast some up and try it out.  Chicken sausage and fruit round out the meal!

After breakfast I prepped some veggies for the week ahead, I made some veggie mash for Rocks, and I got to work on a BBQ sauce for the chicken.  Big day in the kitchen! I wanted to crank out some sort of dessert too, but I ran out of time.

Scott and I headed out for a walk and I fed Rocky his supper.  I got beans started on the stove and Scott got started getting the grill ready.

I originally planned on roasting the chicken last night but at the last minuted decided to try my hand at quartering it so that we could grill it.  Very simple to do with kitchen shears! My first time quartering up a whole chicken and it was easy peasy!

The back that I removed, I stored away for making stock later.

The chicken grilled, the beans were cooking away with some greens, and I had leftover polenta from the night before that I quickly turned into cheesy polenta.

The chicken brined in a tequila lime brine.  I then made a tequila chipotle and lime BBQ sauce to go on top and for dipping.  It was so very yummy!  The beans were pinto beans that I started soaking early on Saturday. I changed the water three times before I started cooking them.  I simmered them for about an hour in plain water.  Then I drained them, added onions and kale, and a mixture of chicken stock and water.  Let them simmer again for about another 1.5 hours before serving up.  So so good and there’s leftovers for today!  Hooray!

Sorry I don’t have a better picture of the chicken but meat is such a difficult thing to photograph and I wanted to eat my supper so my patience was low!

After dinner and kitchen clean up it was time to settle on the couch with some Venture Bros. We just got last season in the mail!

So tell me about your weekend!

This post is part of Food Embrace’s Homespun Sunday series.

4 thoughts on “Grilling and Chilling

  1. Weekend was good. We had a shing ding on Saturday that was fun. We had friends over and grilled out. Men went outside and played corn hole, women stayed inside and solved all the worlds problems.

  2. sounds like a good weekend :) last weekend was busy! we were in maryland for our nephew’s first birthday – it was fun, but lots of eating on the run.

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