Dash for Donation 2011

I was contacted recently by a rep from Lifeline of Ohio, telling me about the Dash For Donation 5K, which is a race that takes place in Columbus.  I didn’t know anything about this race and in fact had never even heard of it or Lifeline until I was contacted.  I’m really glad they took the time to tell me about this race because I think it’s a great one that needs to be mentioned.

Lifeline Ohio, is an organization that promotes organ and tissue donation and transplant. From Lifeline of Ohio’s website:

Our mission is to educate and empower central and southeastern Ohioans about organ and tissue donation while also facilitating the donation process.

Everything you have wanted to know about organ and tissue donation can be found on their website.  If you’re curious or interested in learning more, please click over and check them out.

The Dash for Donation is their 5K that they put on to help raise awareness of donation and to show support for those that have been impacted in some way by organ and tissue donation.

The day of the race, those that have been touched by organ/tissue donation in some way, wear green shirts to honor that.  From what I was told, there is a large number of people who have been helped in some way through donations from others. This year they expect at least 3,000 people for this race and most of them will be wearing green.

Lifeline asked me if I would run this race and blog about it. I’m out with a hip injury at the moment and don’t think I’ll be running by race day.  However because I fully support organ and tissue donation, I told them that I would help spread the word about their race and organization.

Race Details:

The Dash for Donation takes place on July 9th and it’s not too late to register. Proceeds go to Lifeline of Ohio’s outreach and educational programs.

If you support organ and tissue donation, or have had your life touched in some way because of a donation, this would be a great race to participate in.

Happy running Columbus!

6 thoughts on “Dash for Donation 2011

  1. When my mother died we gave her eyes and bones then a year later (unknown at that time) my dad received a heart transplant from a 16 year old boy. That was the most awesome thing anyone could have done on the worse day of their life – the death of their son. It gave my dad the best 7 years of his life.
    I dad had been sick so long I didn’t know what he looked like any other way. It was so cool to see him be able to go places and do things.
    Pay it forward please.
    I am very temped to come and run in your place but I can’t run nearly as fast as you!!
    Great post.

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