Finding My Stride

This past week was a rough one in terms of exercising.  I only got to run twice! Part of that is my fault and part of that was weather related.

Holy cow but Winter is does not want to leave this year and is fighting tooth and nail to stay put. Last Wednesday we got a snow storm and hit with 3 inches of snow. How depressing.  Even though it was clear it wasn’t going to last, still having to deal with that at the end of March was such a bummer.

Admittedly I let it get to me and I had no desire to go out running the next day. This week saw too many rest days and not enough running.

I was also reminded that I am an early morning workout girl because I would rather get my stuff done and not have to worry about it later.  I also have more energy in the morning and by evening I want to relax and not have to pump myself up to get a workout in.

I’m trying to be flexible with working out because of school. If I have early morning meetings or late night meetings, it kind of makes early morning workouts a little challenging.  Even after three months of school, I’m still working at figuring out a schedule that flows well. What it comes down to is that I’m just going to have to make time for exercising in the morning.  No excuses!

Okay, moving along, the upside to this week is that I did get to run and one of those runs was a 9 miler with a sub 10min/mile pace.  Heck yes!

A few weekends ago I set out to do 9 miles and I thought I achieved that and I was so stoked about it! But it turns out I miscalculated my route and I only ran 8 miles. Still a decent long run but not what I was shooting for.  Whoa talk about let down!

Today I made sure I busted out that 9 miles and what a great feeling of accomplishment when I was done! Also it’s my first 9 miler since last fall so I’m super excited about that.  My miles are slowly building back up!

I’m also pleased that even with reduced running and total weekly mileage this past winter, I’m still a strong runner and my body can handle longer distances.  YaY!

How is your training going? Has winter been sticking around in your area too? Is it getting to you at all?

2 thoughts on “Finding My Stride

  1. I understand what you are going through. When I started seriously training in 2005 I was able to train in the afternoon and it was perfect for me. Over time things at worked and with the kids’ activities have changed my training schedule to mornings, usually pre-dawn. The switch to this was a struggle while I was going through it but I realized that if I wanted to keep running the change had to happen.

    Having said that it would be much easier to do these morning runs if the weather would change.

  2. Winter came back to my Rockies with a vengeance this weekend! We’re talking brutal snow storm on Saturday!!!

    Thankfully, it’s mostly melted but it’s still crazy that it happened at all! :)

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