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This past week was a rough one for getting in some nice running.  Ohio is headed into Spring but Winter is not going out gently.  She’s kicking and punching the whole way.

I got to run once and it was a most satisfying 6 mile run (closer to 6.5 but who’s counting ;) ) and then winter weather struck.  Wednesday and Thursday it rained all day long.

Friday it snowed and outside was just a big mess.  I would have gone out had it not been for the intense wind.  You know how much I hate running in the wind.  Blah! I did get to take a walk with Rocks, thankfully because we both had a touch of cabin fever by that point.

Instead of being down and out, I did workout DVDs those three days.  By Saturday my legs were a little tired and my hamstrings were kind of issuing threats of cramping on me so I took Saturday off.  Saturday also proved to be very windy!  The day off worked out well because Saturday was jam packed for me.

I had a business meeting that day that lasted close to two hours and then Scott and I were off to a party that evening.  I was wiped out by the time I got back home that evening!

Today is up in the air for me.  I know I’ll get some outside time in but doing what I’m not sure just yet.  Maybe a long walk or maybe a hike, we’ll see.

The DVDs I did this week were:

  • Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown
  • Jillian’s 6 Week 6 Pack
  • Jackie’s One on One Training

Should I review them for you? I do like them so I would recommend them.

How was your training this week? Did you get a chance to get outside?

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  1. I tried out a hip-hop class at a dance center in Westerville to see if I’d like it. It was a blast! And it turned out the instructor is the same guy who teaches the dance class at my gym on Fridays- his style is more dance as opposed to icky aerobics dance. Even though I already have my gym (that I’m not using), I’m going to sign up for classes at the dance center because I need to have something active that I really enjoy doing. I have GOT to get this weight off- I’ve gained 15 lbs since we first met back in December!

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