Calibrating Your Running Shoes

I’m really picky about running shoes. I know what I like and what feels good on my foot. For the past few years that has been Brooks Adrenalines. I stocked up on the 9s (a version) because for the 10s, Brooks changed things up a bit and I didn’t like it.  Typically with new shoes, I just have to strap them on and go about my business. Occasionally I have to loosen them up a bit around the top but nothing more involved than that.

This time around things were different and I realized that I had to take a little bit more time and care with these new shoes because they were causing me some issues.

They were too tight on my foot which caused my shins to feel fatigued not even half a mile into the run.  I was frustrated at first because I just thought I was having some shin issues, the kind of which I haven’t dealt with since I first started running.  I also got a blister on one of my feet which never has happened to me.  It did not occurred to me that my shoe laces needed adjusting.

A few times in the first few runs with the new shoes, I had to stop and adjust the laces. That helped but only for a short time and was just enough to get me through the run. By the next run, I was facing the same issues.  My legs were getting tired and I was making the horrible “clomp clomp” sound as I ran.  That’s the sound of your feet slamming down on the ground.  Normally runners, especially seasoned ones, don’t make much noise at all when they run.

I wondered what the heck was going on.

Finally it occurred to me that I needed to take time out to calibrate my shoes properly.  Remove the laces and relace them myself so that they would be at a tightness and fit that worked with my foot and my stride.

For whatever reason, all the shoes in the past have been adjusted for me already and I didn’t have to fiddle with them.  I think that’s why this time, it took me a little longer to understand what’s going on.  This is my second pair of 9s that I ordered from an online company.  I ordered 3 pairs at the same time and am on my second set.  I didn’t have any issue with the first pair at all! So having troubles with the second pair seemed odd to me.

They’re completely adjusted now and feel loads better.  No more shin fatigue and not more “clomp clomp” sound!  They still don’t feel perfect though which has me wondering if maybe I just need a new type of shoe all together?

No matter how long you’ve been running, it’s always a journey and a learning experience.

Lesson learned this go around; when you get new running shoes, take the time to adjust the laces so you can get the proper fit. It will save you from sore muscles, blisters, and overall frustration later.

3 thoughts on “Calibrating Your Running Shoes

  1. So interesting ! Now, I have to ask you why you like those so much ? I don’t run, but I walk (having knee issues right now), I where New Balance. I have never seen Brooks Adrenalines in the stores before. Of course, I googled them real fast, but zappos came up first. Is there any place that I can try them on and see how I like them ? They are in the price line, but I like my New Balance. I am just asking questions about them because I have never heard of them. My feet are really bad. I know you would have the best shoes !! :)

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