Birthday Ole!

Hello friends! I hope that you had a fab weekend! I must say that the time change caught me a little off guard this week.  I knew it was happening, but losing an hour is sort of throwing my schedule off just a bit so far.

Sunday, I woke up to this lovely message on the fridge.  Awww!  Sunday was my birthday! And since we celebrate birthdays at OHC for an entire week, all of last week meant that Scott and I were having mini celebrations. It was a nice treat to an otherwise very busy and hectic week.

On Sunday I decided to take what I call Slacker Days.  This is different than “Me Days”.  Slacker Days are days where I should have worked out but did not because I actually need that extra time for something else.

It happens to us all!

With how crazy March has been so far, how busy last week was, AND with losing an hour, this lady needed some chill time.  I was also in need of some major Scotty time.  That’s not a euphemism, I mean that I literally needed some downtime spent with my husband who I barely saw last week except for a few minutes before bed time.

That does not make for a happy Andrea!

Anyway, moving along! Since it was early-ish and I knew Scott would still be asleep for a while, I made myself a wee pre-breakfast breakfast.

Steaming cup of my favorite coffee, Extra Dark French Roast from Whole Foods, and a small yogurt bowl.

  • 2% Fage
  • Homemade Granola
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Unsweetened Coconut

And a homemade birthday card!

Slacker day continued with me busting around the kitchen getting things ready for a huge Sunday Breakfast.  I also got busy getting some laundry done.  The above ingredients went being prepped for some homemade salsa.

Scott got up, well I woke him up before he slept the day away, and I was able to get breakfast officially started.

Breakfast enchiladas!  Our favorite diner has the most amazing breakfast burritos. There’s no way I would even try to replicate them but I can use them for inspiration!  I had been dreaming about making these babies all week long.

They were filled with scrambled eggs and beans, topped with homemade salsa and baked until just warmed through.  Scott’s version had cheese on top.  Sweet potato homefries on the side with more coffee and OJ.

The blankets and couch covers had just finished up in the dryer and I brought those out before sitting down to eat.  There is nothing my dog loves more than fresh blankets right out of the dryer.  He quickly made himself comfy as Scott and I enjoyed our big Sunday Breakfast.  After we were done and cleaned up the kitchen, it was time to head outside for some fresh air and to let Rocky stretch his legs a bit.

It wasn’t the greatest of days, gloomy with a damp cold to it but it was still nice to get outside and get some air in our lungs.  Mmmm! Spring is on the way, I can smell it!

When we got back, all I did was plop down on the couch and sat with Scott doing nothing but sitting there.  I almost fell asleep!  This is how comforting and soothing his energy is for me.  When I say that he’s a grounding force for me, I literally mean it.  I need his energy to keep mine in check.  He’s very laid back and easy going, where I’m not.  He keeps me balanced and sane.

To be able to sit there with him and just hang out was probably the best thing about my day.  Eventually we had to get up and do regular life stuff.  Oh life!

Then my stomach was growling and I was ready for dinner.

Shredded beef tacos!  I had some beef leftover from a roast made earlier, so I thawed out the leftovers and we used them for tacos.  Homemade salsa, sour cream (2% Fage), and homemade guacamole for toppings.  We had really simple salads on the side for veg.  Both of us wanted to focus more on the tacos and a super easy salad on the side was the best way to get in fresh veggies with dinner.  Not the greatest of pictures, sorry but I wanted to EAT.

I had three tacos, thank you!

Scott only beat me by one taco!

Quick playtime with Rocks! His favorite toy in the world is a paper towel roll.  He likes to tear and shred things and for whatever reason he especially loves the paper towel roll.  He likes to chase it and have you bop him with it.  He then shreds it to pieces.  Thankfully he isn’t one to eat or ingest things, he rips, spits it out, and rips some more.

And he wants to tug and play and roll around!

After playtime, we settled in for a cozy evening.

Wait, what’s that?!

Oooo excitement friends! Excitement! You’ll have to stay tuned to see what it is later this week!

I finished the evening off with a Pens game (they won!), a glass of my favorite kind of white wine, Vinho Verde, and some popcorn.  All combined with some snugs on the couch! It was a great end to a crazy week.

How was your weekend? Did you get to do anything exciting or eat anything fabulous?

15 thoughts on “Birthday Ole!

  1. Happy (belated now) Birthday!

    J and I checked out Mellow Mushroom for the first time, but we weren’t impressed even though I’ve heard a bunch of people rave about it. Sure, it’s got me thinking about putting bacon on pizza (and I’m not a bacon fan!), but we weren’t digging the requirement of fork and knife to eat. The crust was too thin and floppy to pick up. And since we’re not sports fans, the loud sports environment wasn’t our ideal setting.

    Are you going to the food forum next Monday at Wild Goose Creative? I’m planning to!

  2. I think you should grab an hour from Monday, since they took it away on your birthday. Happy Birthday, there was a little bit of sun – I saw it. That’s always a lovely way to start out a new year.

  3. Ummmmmm…… did I miss your birthday????!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Friend!!!!
    Sounds like you had a great day. Can’t wait to hear about the rest of your “birthday week”. :)

  4. Oooh – I like vino verde too, but I haven’t tried that one. I usually get a bottle of the Casal Garcia. Will have to try that one next time!

    Cute dog!

  5. I am the queen of dragging out my birthday – mine is on Saturday!

    Happy belated bday to you too!! Glad that you just relaxed – I am always wanted to “do stuff” not to waste time, where my husband is laid back.

    Well, he’s a lot more laid back now that he’s recovering from colon cancer, but every day gets better – probably a very low key bday for me, but my husband is getting better every day – best bday gift ever! :D

  6. Heidi says:

    Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you had an awesome relaxing day. I’m glad you got to spend the day the way you wanted.

  7. Looks like it was a great weekend! Happy belated Birthday! That breakfast burrito looks so good. Rocky’s comfy set up cracked me up. You’ve got me curious about that surprise!

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